Rocket Camper Revealed





Introduction: Rocket Camper Revealed

About: Happily married, self employed, full wood shop, some metal work as well as electronics, antique collector.

This my travel trailer that has been a year in the making actually 2 years now

Step 1: This Is Not a True Instructable

I just wanted every one to see what has kept me away from my favorite web site

Almost every thing in my 16 foot travel trailer is hand made

Questions welcome, Obviously a year and a half work cannot be written up in a short Instructables

Step 2: Windows and Stuff


Step 3: More

Step 4: Frig

It works my custom built in refrigerator

Step 5: Kitchen

Step 6: Up Dates

Here are a few updated pics



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    Elegantly artistic and beautifully done.

    Great Job

    Looks like something from the 50's sci fi with the robot etc...LOL LOVE comfortable is it to move around in, camping etc? Very nice work, and I can tell by that panel you know your electric well!:) Nice job...hope you eneter it into some shows!:)

    This looks awsome. I was wondering if there was a way to get blueprints and say a gross weight for towing? I am interested in making this myself, with maybe a few tweeks added for my taste. Thanks.

    OHMAHGAWD it is beautiful!

    So can it do Warp 6 or what? The people at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous Would really enjoy this camper. Bob Wells would want to do an interview with you.

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    check in with me on my Atomic Camper face book page much more up to date,

    This is my first hearing of Rubber Tramp Rendezvous sounds very cool.

    Absolutely inspiring!! I've never worked with fiberglass, but if I could end up with a rounded trailer, it would be worth it. Thanks so much for sharing. Lita in Colorado.

    you should put the planet express symbol on it.

    Fantastic work. Beautiful craftsmanship. You sir have a unique ability, incomparable! If you don't mind my asking, how much have you invested in this camper? I'd like to build a camper for my wife and I some day.

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    I stopped counting around 15 K the time is the real hurdle.
    It's on face book to with its own page

    I stopped counting around 15k

    New stuff on my atomic camper Facebook page regularly.

    Please, please, please post whatever you can about the construction of this wonderful artwork! Even if its not a complete step-by-step, an insight to the technques that you used, or even where you learned how to do them, would be A-MAZ-ING.

    I am speechless.......... You sir are a true craftsman, to be able to take a idea from your head and end up with a finished project like this in your garage is unblievable

    Look for me on the travel channel Extreme RV's around December.

    A mobile Adult Playhouse, Impressive. it would make one hell of an apartment dwellers Man Cave, take and panel around the top half with solar panels, (you could continue around the lower portion with fake panels to continue the scheme) for constant solar power, again making it a man cave...

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    Thanks Scott I really do want a better tow rig, all it takes is time and money, I rarely have them simultaneously.

    LOL Don't I know it! I'm a Jeep Guy, My wife loves Jeeps we have three Grand Cherokees, two of them are project vehicles, and one Wrangler which is a slow build since it is a daily driver, and anything done to it cant take it down for more than a weekend at a time. but money ALWAYS gets in the way.

    Because I am a person who hates to 'Settle!' I absolutely adore this project and for one, very solid, reason. You have built something without compromise, exactly as perceived and you did not 'settle' for average, boring, mundane or accepted practice. I salute your embrace of Function AND Form, Art and, above all else, FUN. The only way to go beyond perfect, in my humble opinion, would be to build a Tow Vehicle equally as unique. That would definitely put this over Instructable the top!

    There just isn't enough, in our lives, that makes us happy! i can see where this made for a very happy Couple. Congratulations!