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Introduction: Rocket Jump Tutorial

The content of this tutorial is to learn the high art of Rocket Jumping in Team Fortress 2.

Also be prepared that this is a very lengthy and text intensive instructable... so consider watching a YouTube tutorial instead (which in my opinion is better to learn anyways)

To start of what is Rocket Jumping?

Rocket Jumping is the way to use as the soldier class the rocket launcher to use a rocket in such a way that it pushes the player forward, and if done correctly helps to reach areas or travel at a high speed.

Why does it help?

It is especial useful in high skill TF2 play, such as highlander or 6vs6 in a league, as in these types of games you are expected to know how to Rocket Jump and also air shot. The use of rocket jumping is that you can use it to get into a much better position because as a soldier high-ground gives a great advantage. Also in the air you are harder to hit and can use it to close gabs to your opponent in no time.

What are the goals of this tutorial?

To show you the basics, as well as some advanced techniques, which can be used in the real game to maybe improve your skill as a soldier. Also it might get you interested in only rocket jumping as there are many maps only based on rocket jumping and it is a fun part of Team Fortress 2. Another goal is to raise awareness for rocket jumping to help make it more common and encourage improvement in this area.

Materials / Software / Hardware?

- A Mouse, if possible a gaming mouse (be sure to turn mouse acceleration in the options in-game off)

(also the mouse sensitivity should be optimal for you, as a guideline I personal think that you should be able to make a full turn in both directions on your mouse pad from the middle).

- A Keyboard

- Graphic card (need to check how good it has to be, however, the game is relatively old and does not require an high end graphic card on lower settings)

- At least 2 GB ram

- About 20 GB disc space (a bit less)

- Team Fortress 2 (available on steam for free: Here)

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Step 1: Beginners


To start of be sure to either have the rocket launcher or the rocket jumper equipped. I would suggest when only rocket jumping to use the rocket jumper, as there is no difference to the rocket launcher, except that it does no damage to you. - However, if you like you can also use the original to rocket jump, however, i would advice to keep using one, because there is actually a difference between them. The Rocket launcher and Rocket Jumper shoots form the right, making rocket jumping very different to the original, which shoots directly from the middle of your screen. Both choices have advantages and disadvantages and it really does not matter as long as you stay by using one.

Another important part is the map as there are many jump maps as well as real maps. For practicing rocket jump skills I would advice to start on a rocket jump map called jump_adventure available here.

To instal a map simple download the map file and go under steam/steamapps/common (or your name)/Team Fortress 2/TF/maps and insert the file there.

Then to play it go in game and press create a server and select the map to have your own server, which is not public and no one can join, however, this gives you a very good ping which is very important in my opinion (about 1-5). Otherwise you can also find jump servers in the server browser and simple select one you like, however, there you have no real power over the map played so if you want the same map as i used or something easy to start find a server with the map jump_adventure. Also I would advice to not take servers over a 30 ping as i have great problems from there on, however, I also know that it is possible to rocket jump with a 100 ping so it is more about what you are used to.

Also turn your console on in which you type in the commands above: fov_desired 90 and viewmodel_fov 90

Main Types of Rocket Jumping

- Pogo

- Speed pogo

- Wall pogo

- C-tap

- Normal Jump

- Synchronized / Synched Jump

Step 2: Normal Rocket Jump and How NOT to Do It

Basic Idea

The main part of rocket jumping is actually quite simple once you know it and get used to it. To make a rocket jump it seems to be just shooting a rocket beneath your feet, however, this is not the case. What is actually happening is that you press your Jump button (by default space), followed directly by pressing crouch (default Strg/Ctrl) and then shooting your rocket beneath your feet (looking straight down for the moment). The faster this happens, while keeping the correct order the higher and more power the jump will have.

Rocket jumps

The next step when once mastered it to improve this jump by putting the rocket not straight beneath you, but adapting to the goal you want to achieve. For example for going forward you will put the rocket behind you on the ground to be pushed forward. To achieve this follow the same procedure, jump, crouch, shoot, but instead of looking down, turn 180° degrees looking down, but only about 1/4 from the maximum. The hard part about this is that when you want to keep on going or do this fast you have to do the mouse movement very fast while keeping perfect aim. Also after you shoot you have to turn back forward to see where you are going and maybe pogo to keep on going. For the exact speed and heigth you will have to play around and find out for yourself and learn where to exactly put the rocket to get the wanted effect. Also to gain much speed you can use walls at which you basically do the same thing (Jump, crouch, shoot) but instead of hitting the floor hit the wall, the lower the higher and at 90° it will be the fastest acceleration, however, again you will need to adapt to the environment and purpose of the jump.


Another very important part is when you are in the air (right after you pressed space and crouch) be sure to NEVER, NEVER even think about touching the W key, as in the air it is possible to move in TF2. This is called air strafing ad pressing W will make this impossible and thus make it impossible to make a effective jump.

Step 3: Pogo / Speed Pogo

This type of jumping is the most commonly used and in my opinion one of the fastest and most useful ways of rocket jumping in a real game. A Pogo describes a chain of rocket jumps without touching the ground, which allows extreme speed and mobility.

For a pogo you simply do a normal rocket jump as explained in the step before followed by another rocket before hitting the ground. To start simply try jumping, press crouch and then look straight down and fire and hold you fire button shortly before hitting the ground after the jump. This will if done correct allow you to stay in the air for ever. in this case you can also use W, A, S, D to move while this simple pogo.

To make a more useful pogo you will start best by a wall to have greater speed, which is important and then shortly before hitting the ground fire the next underneath your feet. This can be done infinity, however, by higher speed you need to remember that you can get faster as the rocket, which you are firing meaning that you will steadily have to shoot the rocket more in front of you and so not directly beneath you anymore, however, this process goes relatively slow do not move your shots in front too fast as otherwise you will basically stop. Again in this pogo be sure to not use W as this will not allow you to strafe and so make you unable to move in the air, which makes a good pogo impossible.

To get an idea how it should look maybe look at a Pogo tutorial or example on YouTube and be sure to notice the camera movement as well as the first jump, which is very important to get a good pogo going.

Step 4: Wall Jump / Pogo

To wall jump the easiest way is to walk straight against a wall keeping W pressed and making a rocket jump straight upward. After that keep shooting the rockets below your feet at the wall by simply holding the fire button. With this way you can climb any straight wall as long as you have rockets in your magazine.

In wall pogo you use a wall to go straight forward at the wall, getting height and speed, however, this is relatively complicated. For this you will have to stay at the wall (with the normal rocket launcher and rocket jumper it is easier to stay on the right wall). To start make a normal rocket jump either on the ground or against the wall depending on the goal - more height or speed. After that you will have to use d to stay at the wall and shoot first behind you, then a little bit behind you, then under you and the faster you go the further in front under your feet the rocket has to hit. For this it is important for when you turn to always press the key in the direction you want to go (not W) so use D to stay at the wall and when you turn A to go forward and get speed while doing so.

Step 5: Examples

Here to show you two very nice examples on rocket jumping the first more like a tutorial, and the second how it can be used on real maps in-game in an effective way at a very high skill.

All rights for these two videos are to Star_ and kibosh_86

Also another great site for additional help, from people who have much more skill then me and know how to explain it better and in more detail go to:

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