Rocket Stove Mass Heater With Soap Stone Tiles




Introduction: Rocket Stove Mass Heater With Soap Stone Tiles

testing out a new rocket stove design!!

Step 1: First I Start With Welding Corner Profiles(30mmx30mmx3mm) on the Baseplate (500mmx500mmx5mm)

Step 2: Now I Can Place the Tiles(300mmx300mmx13mm) and Weld the Outer Corner Profiles

Step 3: Now I Have to Leave 2 Spaces Open for the Stove and the Outlet

Step 4: Putting a Tube (150mmx150mmx5) in the Hole to See How I Should Cut It Off

Step 5: The Angle Is 37dgr. So I Cut a Round Tube(dia. 100mmx4mm) 600 Mm Long

Step 6: I'm Lucky, the Stove Is Barely Fits Trough the Hole..but in the End All Is Good..

Step 7: Glue the Fire Cord

Step 8: Fill the Corners With Heatresistant Silicone

Step 9: Making the Chimney Connection

Step 10: Isolating the Chimney for Optimal Burning Temperature..

Step 11: Sprayed Everything in Fireproof Black and Mounted the Stove and Outlet..

Step 12: A Half Hour After I Lit the Fire, the Stove Was at No Place Touchable Anymore

Step 13: So, This Stove Had Burnt Four Hours Red Hot and It Didn't Budge or Break So I Think This Design Is Great, Next Thing I'm Going to Build Is a Similar Type But With an Oven and Also a Saunaheater, Will Be Interesting!!

Step 14:

changing the burner head into a vertically closed one, this gives me the advantage of not having an open fire(safety) and the wood feeds itself so less work..

it burns a lot better to, like a campfire becaus air can flow easely between the wood...

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    Any update on how this project has been since you made it?
    Any further changes or issues you have since faced?


    2 years ago

    It looks great! Let us know how it results!!


    2 years ago

    Looks very good. I'm now salivating as I wait for the finish.

    Looking good so far.