Rocket Stove




Introduction: Rocket Stove

 Build a stove that can run on twigs found in your back yard. I followed the directions at this site 
I boiled water and cooked eggs on this when I went camping.  

Step 1: What You Need

You are going to need

one metal 5 gallon olive oil can **** beware these are rare and hard to find ----- get this first****
one 4 in. black stove pipe elbow.
one 2ft long piece of 4in. black stove pipe (the stove pipe i got was expensive)
ashes-  4 gallons or more.
tin can

be sure to use BLACK STOVE PIPE when building rocket stoves...
the silver galvanized piping releases toxins while burning.

tin snips
metal saw
can opener
sharpie or marker
something to clean inside of can - i used citrasolve

optional sawzall

Step 2: Open the Can

Use the can opener to cut the top off the 5 gallon can. The corners  are sometimes hard to get but keep trying it will come off. Now if your can was not cleaned before you got it ,you' re going to have to clean it. I used citrasolve and a hose to wash out all the oily olive bits. *** save the top your going to need it.

Step 3: Add Holes for the Stove Pipe

1.Take the top and trace the stovepipe in the center . (look at the picture)
Then trace the stovepipe on one of the side of the can a couple of inches above the bottom of the can.  
2. Using an awl, punch holes near inside the edge of your traced circles. Then use tin snips to cut the traced circle out. Now check and see if your stove pipe fits in. If it doesn't fit grab a file and file it until it fits.
3.  do this for both traced circles.

Step 4: What to Do With the Stove Pipe

1.Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure 4in. in from the crimped mark ,with pencil. then measure 5in. from the 4in. mark. these are the two pieces you need.(look at the pictures)

2. cut the pipe at these marks. My stove pipe was very thick so i used a metal saw and a sawzall to cut . If your pipe is thinner you can open it up and cut it with tin snips.

3. Now file the edges so you do not hurt yourself.

Step 5: Make a Shelf

next you will create the shelf that holds the fuel.  take a tin can and cut the top and bottom off.  Next cut up the can so you have one rectangular shaped piece. now you mark out a rectangle 5in by 2in-   Centered on the 5x2 in rectangle create another rectangle as described in the picture. this shelf will be slightly bowed.

Step 6: Assembly

place the 4'' piece of straight pipe through the side hole  (the crimped end), next stick the elbow on. Now add the 5'' piece onto the top of elbow. now fill the can with ashes. place the lid on. Finally stick your shelf into the 4" piece.

Step 7: Get It Going

I had a hard time getting to go but once going it was awesome.
sticks go on top of the shelf and newspaper goes into the bottom.
i found making the paper into a tube helped. enjoy your new stove.

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    6 years ago on Step 7

    Gr8 tutorial thanks for making it understandable..


    9 years ago on Introduction

    An alternative to the olive oil can is a Christmas popcorn tin.