Rocketshop Pencil Holder


Introduction: Rocketshop Pencil Holder

In this activity, you will be following the steps to build this awesome rocketship pencil holder. Not only is this pencil holder useful for getting organized, but it is super customizable and at the end of this project, you can customize your rocket ship and make it your own!

Step 1: Create the Base

  1. Drag the orange cylinder onto the top plane of your workspace and resize it to 60mm by 60mm.
  2. Position a hole (striped) cylinder into the center of the orange cylinder and resize it to 55mm by 55mm. This will create a hollow center to place your pencils in! Tip:adjust your snap grid (bottom right corner) to 0.5mm and use your arrow keys to make accurate positioning easier.
  3. Rotate your view cube to the size view, then use the black cone on the top of the hole cylinder to pull it 5mm off of the ground.
  4. Using the top white dots, resize both cylinders to be 70mm tall.
  5. Click and drag a rectangle around both shapes and group together.

Step 2: Build the Nosecone

  1. Drag the white paraboloid shape next to the base and resize the base diameter to 63mm by 63mm.
  2. Use the top white dot to adjust the height to around 50 mm; you can make it taller or shorter depending on your own preferences.
  3. Use the black cone on the top of the paraboloid to pull up the shape 5mm off the ground.
  4. Drag another orange cylinder onto the workspace and set its diameter to 63mm and its height to 5mm.
  5. Position the cylinder underneath the paraboloid by dragging it using your mouse.
  6. To make the head stay on the base, we are going to hollow out the orange cylinder. Drag a hole cylinder onto the workspace, resize it to 60mm wide and 5mm tall, center it underneath the nosecone, then group all three pieces of the nosecone together.

Step 3: Window

  1. After positioning the nosecone on the top of the base using the black cone and your arrow keys, we are moving on to cutting out the window detail.
  2. Drag the hole cylinder out onto the workspace and set its diameter to 10mm.
  3. Rotate the cylinder onto its side and lengthen it to 70 mm.
  4. Use the black cone to center it on the rocket base.
  5. Group and watch the magic happen!

Note: you can make the window other shapes if you like - hexagon, heart, star - experiment and see what you like!

Step 4: Fins

  1. Drag the red rectangle onto the workspace and resize it to 15mm X 20mm X 5mm.
  2. Use the hole rectangle, rotating and resizing as you go, to cut the red rectangle into a trapezoid-fin shape.
  3. Rotate the fins to stand vertically using the rotate arrows.
  4. Duplicate three times, then position the fins evenly around the cylinder.

Step 5: Make It Your Own

Your rocket shape is done! You can now move on to adding your own elements to personalize it. Here, I chose some text and a couple star shapes, but you can let your imagination take charge.



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    Cool model tutorial. Any plans to print in out and use it?