Adjustable Guitar Strap From Bike Inner Tube

Introduction: Adjustable Guitar Strap From Bike Inner Tube

Make an adjustable guitar strap in minutes!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
  • Inner Tube
  • Scissors
  • Duct Table
  • 1” Grommets with pegs (as many as you want adjustments)
  • Grommet setter
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Sharp cutting blade
  • Superglue

Step 2: Cut Tube

Standard guitar strap lengths range from 37 - 52 inches.  This project works best creating a strap +/- 5 inches from length of tube.  

Retain scrap pieces of tube for a later step.

Step 3: Tape Ends

Step 4: Grommet Placement

Place grommets and press down hard enough to create indentations.

Step 5: Score Indentations

Cut tube at indentations. 

Retaining the rubber in the middle of the grommet, rather than punching it out, will help keep the strap in place.

Step 6: Pound Grommet


Step 7: Cover Back

Glue extra pieces of tubing on the back of the strap.

This adds strength, keeps metal from scraping the guitar and just makes it look nicer all around.

Step 8: Button Hole

Cut thin slit in the middle of the grommet.  Just a touch smaller than the button.

Step 9: Attach Strap to Front and Back...

...and rock!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I favorited this ible, Thank you! I never would have thought about using a bicycle inner-tube as a guitar strap. I was browsing for home-made guitar straps until I came across this ible.

    I've used traditional straps, and home-made straps... commonly, both strap types have left me with painfull muscle aches along my collar bone area. I've tried pads of various types, but they either looked too bulky or they slid down the strap away from my shoulder.

    If I use this inner-tube idea, I wouldn't cut the inner-tube, instead I would close a D-ring around the inner-tube, and then I would inflate the inner-tube just enough to form an "air cushion" to protect my collar muscles from the heavy weight of the guitar and bass. This way I can play longer without being distracted by shoulder pains cause by the dead-heavy weight of the guitar.

    Thanks! The thing that is cool about using an inner tube is that it is sturdy but you have a little elasticity that you don't get with a regular strap. Hope people try it out!