Rodent Rack

Introduction: Rodent Rack

List of materials. Cost around $70 total.

7 2x2x8 Strip Board or Stud
2 2x4x8 Wood Boards or Stud
4 Medium concrete mixing tub's
1 Roll 1/2" Hardware Cloth 24 in x 10 Ft.          if building for mice go with the 1/4" roll.

(Best bet is lowes, homedepo is more $ and comes in 5ft not 10ft)

1 Box 2-1/2 in. Wood Screws (Project takes about 52 screws)
1 Box 3 in. Wood Screws (Project takes about 32 screws)


Skill Saw (Other saw's can be used based on your skill level/availability)
(If you do not own a saw Homedepo will easly cut your wood for couple dollars)
Tape Measure
Metal Shears
3ft Level
Staple Gun
Yard stick ruler or any other 2" by 3ft 1/8 inch thick board or scrap material.

Step 1: Cutting

Step 1 (Cutting). (Skip if you had your wood cut in store)

You will be cutting the 2x2x8 into (16) 28" strips and (8) 17-1/2" strips.

1 2x2x8 will give you 2 28" strips & 2 17-1/2" strips or 3 28" strips.

Seperating 4 for the two different cut's and final 3 for rest of 28" strips is best.

Now take your 2 2x4x8 and cut them both in half giving you 4 2x4x4's.

(Tip: Keep your four 4 inch pieces of excess wood from first 4 cut's you will use them at the end)

Step 2: Window Assembly

Step 2 (Window Assembly)

You will be making 4 window or picture frame style box's for the rack.

Each one requires 2 28" strips and 2 17-1/2" strips.

Pre-drill before screwing and use 4 2-1/2" screw's to assemble each window as shown in pics.

(Tip: try to keep all the smooth/better sides of wood on the same side)

Step 3: Window Screen Attachment

Step 3 (Window Screen Attachment)

*Take Precaution during this part not to cut your self*

Now you will be needing those metal shears, your stable gun and the hardware cloth.

Best method I have found is to unroll your hardware cloth enough to cover one of the window's line up your mesh at the top and staple the top of the mesh onto the window.

Work your way down keeping the mesh lined up and tight putting a staple in about every 4 inchs.

Once you have finished applying all staples and attaching the hardware cloth use your metal shears or snips to clean cut the remaining mesh away.

(Tip: A good pair of snips will allow you to cut the mesh a little in from the edge giving you a safer window)

Step 4: Final Assembly

Step 4 (Final Assembly)

You should have now 4 windows with screen on, 8 28" strips, 4 2x4x4's and your concrete tubs.

Best method for this is placing one window on ground or workbench/table with screen side up.

Take your 4 legs (2x4x4's) one at a time and attach them as shown to the window make sure to pre-drill and use (2) 2-1/2" wood screws for each leg placing them about 2 inches away from the ends as shown in pics.

Now place one of your concrete mixing tub's down and it is time to attach the 28" shelf supports, I use a 1/8 inch yard stick for my gap coverage as shown.

Place your gap object on the side of the tub's lip then placing your 28" strip on top, line everything up and pre-drill your screw holes this time using 3" wood screws.

Remove the gap object and finish the other side.

Now you have your first bin done, to make the space for your 2nd window to be placed in I use 2 of the 28" strips to balance my next window going into the rack. Again mesh side up place your next window down line and level everything, pre-drill your holes for 2-1/2" screws and tighten everything up.

At this point it is pretty much doing the same thing over until you have finished every level of the rack.

Pictures's will show the progress from 1 bin to 4, after your final one is done flip the rack over up right.

Close to done, take those (4) 4" pieces of excess wood and pre-drill attach them to the back's as shown in pics as your stoppers this way when pushing a bin shut it will not just fly out the back or leave a gap for rodent's to escape.

Finished, Enjoy. Hit up the Facebook Page and drop us a like for more interest in Rodents & Reptiles!

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4 Discussions


Question 1 year ago on Step 4

What are the dimensions/brand of the concrete mixing tubs? I can’t access the hyperlink for them here.


5 years ago on Introduction

Concrete mixing tub's from Homedepo.

I am sure you could modify the basic idea with different style of tub's but these work best for rodents. No DIY for watering systems but that you mentioned it I may put one together now to link with this build. Sorry for delay with responding here, been very busy this past summer. Thanks again for checking my build out.


6 years ago on Introduction

Epic! this is the best one i have seen so far! where do you get the tubs at? also would this work with deeper tubs? and do you happen to have a diy for automatic watering systems?


6 years ago

good stuff!