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Introduction: Rodney Hayden - Independent Recording Artist

About: singer/songwriter

I am a singer/songwriter from Pleasanton, TX and am a completely independent artist.  I write, produce, manage, book shows, radio promotion, publicity, design & maintain my websites, etc. etc.

I also tour full time.  I began touring seriously at the age of eighteen and in the past fourteen years have played over 2,000 shows.  I've been very fortunate to have played Austin City Limits Festival, Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic, Billy Bob's Texas, The Fillmore, and 8 European Tours as well as many other great venues across the country.

I have no sponsorships and would love for Jack Daniels to be a part of the next step in my career. 

On October 23, 2012 I will be releasing my 8th independent album on my own record label, Palomino Records.  The album is named after the county in Texas where I am from, and will be titled Atascosa Sand.   I Produced the album at Ray Benson's Bismeaux Studios in Austin, TX.  Aside from some of the finest musicians in Texas the album also features 3 songs that I co-wrote with Bubba Strait as well as one with his father George Strait.  The unbelievable Kelly Willis joins me for a duet on the album as well. 

I have built a career that I am very proud of and am excited for people to hear this upcoming album.  The $25,000 grand prize would make a huge difference in how I am able to promote this album. 

I would be able to turn my regional tour into a national tour while promoting this record and would be honored to say that Jack Daniels was the reason it's possible on every station and venue that I make a stop at over the next year. 

Thanks for the opportunity.

Rodney Hayden

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