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Intro: Roel - Knex Sniper -

Hi everyone, thanks for watching my gun!

I'm a Dutch Knexbuilder and my knex gun is finaly finished!!
I hope you like it. But.. as some people already said: Some parts of it are from somebody else. It's EXtreme Builder.
I hope you do not (so much) mind.

It takes one of two ours to example.
Good luck.

Step 1: Handle

This part of my gun is the handle. It's pretty simple


-10 yellow connectors
-2 green connectors
-2 two-slot connectors
-8 white rods
-17 green rods
-2 blue rods

Step 2: Stock

You need this stock for a good trail for the firing pin.
I also added it for a better look.


-25 yellow connectors
-2 green connectors
-2 white connectors
-2 red connectors
-2 orange connectors
-3 grey-one-slot connectors
-23 white rods
-25 green rods
-12 blue rods
-3 yellow rods

Step 3: Firing Pin

Very very easy.


-2 orange connectors
-7 grey-one-slot connectors
-1 black (long) rod
-1 blue rod
-1 white rod
-1 rubber band

Step 4: Barrel

The barrel is the part where you can put the bullet (red rod).
Pretty simple.


-3 yellow connectors
-4 white connectors
-4 green connectors
-2 orange connectors
-3 one-slot connectors
-12 Y-connectors
-12 u-connectors
-1 black half-one-slot connector
-3 blue rods
-2 white rods
-3 red rods
-2 grey (long) rods
-6 blue spacers
-2 grey spacers

Step 5: Body

The body takes a while to made. It's also very
irritating and painful sometimes.


-20 yellow connectors
-20 white connectors
-16 green connectors
-2 blue connectors
-3 purple connectors
-15 orange connectors
-2 red connectors
-4 grey-two-slot connectors
-6 grey-one-slot connectors
-13 blue rods
-25 white rods
-1 yellow rod
-(around) 75 green rods

Step 6: Trigger

Try to find out how it works


-1 yellow connector
-3 red connectors
-2 white connectors
-6 black-y connectors
-1 hinge
-10 blue spacers
-2 grey spacers
-4 green rods
-2 yellow rods

Step 7: Scope

You don't really need this part but it makes the gun look better.

-1 white connector
-1 blue connector
-6 red rods
-2 green rods
-1 yellow rod

Step 8: Put It All Together

You can now finaly put all the parts you've maded together.
When you do it in the right way you've definitely a beautiful gun.

Follow the steps below>>



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    70 Discussions


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Tsja... Wat heet "de moeite waard"? Voor zover ik kan zien is het ok, maar er zijn betere dingen. Zoals de OSNJCKMA2 bijvoorbeeld.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I found an alternative way for the trigger...But my camera broke so i cant show. (no its not string)

    3 replies

    if you give the gun a barrel, it looks like a real sniper. maybe try that and post it?:D


    9 years ago on Introduction

    great gun man i love how its accurate yet powerful. also true trigger and its compact. this is the second time i built this gun :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, you're right. But it was the best way to finish this gun by the handle and stock. Anyway, I appreciate you comment.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I don't get the big deal about being Dutch, but this gun is not bad for a first. I have to add though, that if you use something that was built by someone else, you should give them credit. Seeing as the stock and handle are Extreme Builder's.

    5 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    No, I don't get it too. I am Dutch myself, but I have no idea what's so special about that.