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Introduction: Roll Around Tool Stand/ Workbench

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Make a rolling tool stand out of scrap wood.

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Step 1: Tools

1. Power drill
2. Rubber mallet
3. Measuring tape
4. Mieter Saw
5. Pen or pencil
6. And last but not least my assistant Benelli ! NOTE to Reader: comment and let me know what you think of my assistant!!!!

Step 2: Materials & Hardware

1. 2# 16 foot 2x4's
2. Plywood or particle board.( My sister was getting rid of her old bed and I rescued three sheets of particle board out of it.

1. Pair of hinges(you can get these fairly cheap from goodwill or restore)
2. 4# casters
3. Screws: 3 inch and 1-1/4 inch.
4. Small piece of chain.

Step 3: Start Up

Basically you just need to make two of these. As a matter of fact the dimensions are up to you. It depends on how much plywood you have.
Here's your cut list for the frame:
1. 4# 38 3/8 inch 2x4's
2. 4# 22 inch 2x4's
3. 4# 36 inch legs

(You can see my assistant inspecting my work!)

Step 4: Install Hardware

Screw your chain inside the lid to keep it secured. Put your hinges on the back of the top piece of plywood. I put mine in about four inches on each side. The hasp on the front is optional if you don't want it. With it on you can lock up you tools.

Step 5: Construction

Cut the legs out. Mine were 3 feet tall. After you cut one out use it as a pattern for the rest so that they are exactly alike. Make sure you use the same pattern each time.
Put the legs on one of your frames. Take your other frame and put it on the floor. Set the frame with the legs on it on top of the second frame. Screw the legs into the second frame I had to bump a couple of the legs with the rubber mallet to get them straight before I screwed them in.
I initially used four screws but three is plenty.

Step 6: Walls. (Optional)

I figured that I would get more storage out of it if I put sides on.
The sides were 24 1/2 inches,
and the back was 42 3/8 inches.

Step 7: Done!!!!!!!!

I was really happy with the outcome. I even mounted an electric strip on the side. Its great for working on cars. I pick what kind of tools I need and then wheel it to the side of the car I'm working on. Its extremely helpful.

Questions, comments, ideas, let me know!
Thanks for checking it out!
Let me know what you think of my assistant!!

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    I think it is a really good assistant. Anyone would be happy to have Benelli in the shop helping out.


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    thank you! I thought she did pretty good too!