Roll Up Shelf

Introduction: Roll Up Shelf

This is a shelving unit that works like storage unit door. This shelf will be able to roll up and down from the ceiling for less space and ease of access. For the purpose of this Instruct-able I will be attaching this shelf to a wooden structure instead of the ceiling.

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Step 1: Materials

1. Metal Plate

2. L-shaped metal rails

3. 1.5" screws

4. .5" nails

5. clear plastic or ply wood (I used poster board)

6. Power Drill

7. Hammer

8. Tape measure

9. Saw

Step 2: Make Rail System

For this step you need to attach the rail system to your ceiling. (In this example the place where the rail is would be in the attic part of your house) To attach the rail cut the L-shaped metal rail to desired length and nail on to the support beams in your ceilings. After the rails are attached put it aside for later.

Step 3: Make the Shelves

To make the shelves you will need to use your wood to make the shelves. What type of wood doesn't matter because you will only be making the frame. To do this you first need a rectangular base and a rectangular top. Once you have these two things you then connect them with a smaller piece of wood to create the frame of the shelf. After this, you will need to cover the outsides with ply wood (I used poster board to save money) to cover the shelf. You will need as many shelves as you want.

Step 4: Connect the Shelves Together

After each of the shelves are done you will need to connect them with some hinges. Any hinges are fine just make sure they are strong enough to support the shelf. Also be careful when drilling the screws to make sure you don't split the wood.

Step 5: Combine the Parts

Next you need to combine the shelves and the rails to finish. Place the shelves on top of the rail. You may need to add another peice of metal to the end to help guide the shelves down. Once you have places the shelves and they can slide add a rope to make it easier to pull back into place.

Step 6: Enjoy

Now you are done with the shelves and remember that when the shelves would be put away it would go into the attic, I made mine on this structure to better show how it works and show the steps to make it.

Step 7: Demonstration of Roll Up Shelf

Here is a video that shows how the shelf works.

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