Roll on Deodorant Light Up R2D2




Introduction: Roll on Deodorant Light Up R2D2

The indestructible is to show how I made a light up l.e.d. R2D2 from a roll on deodorant bottle. I made this for my nephew who loves playing with Star Wars toys, and as an example for an after school club my wife runs. I thought the roll on would be perfect as it allows R2's head to move.

Step 1: Prepare Bottle

Remove the top and wash the bottle and top. Remove any stickers. Allow to dry.

Step 2: Centre Foot

Cut the pieces as shown in the first picture. I used foam board but painted card would work just as well. Glue together. Assemble as shown in 3rd picture, trim if needed. The edges of the front and back pieces need to be slightly longer than the side pieces as is glued on a angle.

Step 3: Side Feet

Draw the shape of your feet onto the card. Adjust until your happy. Cut out one, I used a craft knife. Use this as a template for the second leg.

Step 4: Glue Legs On

Glue the 3 legs in place. I used contact adhesive from a pound shop. Glue the short leg slightly forward on centre. I needed to support the bottle until the glue dried.

Step 5: Add Detail

This can be done any way you want. You could paint it using acrylics or you could use marker pens. I used a combination of sticky plastic and foam that I had some scraps. You could also use sticky labels or more card, whatever you have available. I layer some silver plastic and glued foam on top to give it more of a 3D effect. It's up to you how much you want to put on and how accurate you want to make it.

Step 6: Add L.E.D.

Using a compass push two holes through the plastic top, just underneath the base of the ball. Test the LED fits then continue to add your graphics. When your happy put the LED in place and solder 3 more LED's to it. I used normal LED's for this but ULED's would be better.

Step 7: Battery Snap

Solder the black wire of the battery snap to the negative of the last LED. Solder a length of wire to the red wire of the battery snap and another length to the positive side of the first LED. Using the compass again, push two holes through the plastic at the back this time. Thread approx 2cm of the two wires through each hole. These will attach to a switch.

Step 8: Switch and Test

Either solder a switch onto the two wires or make a simple switch. I used a bit of copper tape. Stick two vertical strips of copper tape over the wires. Make sure you strip the ends of wire to allow the metal to contact the copper. Fold the paper over and attach copper tape vertically. Fold the paper back over and when the copper strips contact it should complete the circuit. Attach battery and test. I then covered the solder joints with electrical tape.

Step 9: Assemble

Put the two parts together. It's a tight fit, try to spread out the LED's. The deodorant I used had quite a wide bottle, if you are using a thinner bottle you will need to use a different battery and attachment. Add any other finishing details. Re-test.

Step 10: Finished

You should now be finished your LED light up deodorant bottle R2D2 with moving head! Thanks for looking.

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    3 years ago

    Nice recycling !

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    3 years ago

    That is awesome. I love the repurpose! If this does get taken on by the after-school club will you post some images of the results please?


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks, yeah no problem