Roller System - Design




Introduction: Roller System - Design


I'm developed and design Roller system in Autodesk Inventor 2015

fitted to case W: 28cm H: 28cm,

many plastics bags with breads looks horrible! Now my kitchen looks more tidy! No more bags looks out from the case!

I made an optimized shape for 3D printing, especially is setup for 0.4 nozzle system.

2 times around the shape and next layer. Optimized for the nozzle, speed, material needs.

Step 1: Download and Print All Parts

all parts from or on link:

I'm render huge quantity of formats(.stl / .stp / .igs / .ipt) for adjusting for your needs!

I'm use PLA Colorfabb PLA with Layer: 0,1mm

Printing machine: Mankati Fullscale XT

All rollete was printed separatelly for best quality of print.

Temperature: between proposed temp from producer of material

Time: 1Rollette: 3,45hours, I would advise doing bigger BRIM for better sticking to bed because of length.

You can find parts:

1x Guide: rails, turns, ends (10cm)

1x Rollette: Mainpart, Holder+end, Closure End part

Only screws you have to buy!

Step 2: Assembly

  1. Screw all guides without last - space will needs for putting the rollets into the guides.
  2. Clock rollets to each other and put into guides.
  3. If you have all rollets done, screw last guides.
  4. Add bracket which you like (be carefull, you have to adjust length in RAW files (.ipt / .stp) and use needed srews


Your kitchen now will looks tidy!

Thank you, if you are interested to my invents please follow us:



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    love it!!

    Very nice 3D printable roller system. This is a very practical and usable 3D print.