Roller Skate Mini-cake Tutorial




Introduction: Roller Skate Mini-cake Tutorial

Roller skate mini-cake
Perfect for a roller skating party (lots could be time-consuming, but you could use the mini cake as a decoration on a larger cake), roller derby celebration or as a ‘thank you’ to a roller girl.

You will need:

Tools- Small rolling-pin, straight-edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking), a no. 1.5-2 piping nozzle and small piping bag or cone, sharp (vegetable) knife, large (bread) knife, palette or butter knife.

A small (5″) cake board and a piece of cake board thin enough to cut through (I cut both pieces from an 8″ thin board).

Materials- Small loaf shaped cake, jam (frosting optional), blue, red, brown, white and black sugar paste, icing sugar (to prevent sticking), black royal icing (could use thin sausages of black sugar paste instead)

Colours are just used as a guide, use any colours you like!

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Step 1: Shaping the Cake

Cut a 5″ square and a sole/peanut shape, slightly shorter (about 4″ long)

Cut 2 long thin rectangles of cake (about 1.5″ depth and height, about 3.5″ long). Cut a larger rectangle, big enough for your sole board to fit comfortably and a couple of inches deep.

Cut all the corners off the small rectangles (down the length) to make them rounded.

Using your board as a template, cut the boot shape from the large rectangle.

Using the back (heel) half of your board cut another section of cake.

Cover both pieces in jam (and frosting if you like)

Stick the back piece on to the top of the foot piece.

Cut off all corners into curves (along the toe, side of foot, around the ankle and the top of the boot)

Step 2: The Wheels

Roll out a piece of brown sugar paste, stick it to the board.

Roll out blue paste.

Cover your ‘wheels’ by rolling the cake up lengthways into the paste, pinching together and cutting off the excess.

Stick both wheels on to the board(use your shaped board to work out the placement).

Roll 4 balls of blue paste, squash into wheels.

Roll 4 tiny balls of grey, squash flat and stick on to the wheels as bolts.

Roll out blue paste, cut 4 strips.

Wrap the blue strips around the wheel pieces to define the wheels.

Step 3: The Boot

Stick your cake to the shaped board with jam/frosting. Roll out white paste.

Cover your boot

Smooth excess icing to the work surface and cut it off. Smooth around the shape of the boot with your hand.

Roll a strip of white icing, cut one end rounded to make the tongue of the boot.

Stick the tongue on.

Step 4: Details

Roll a sausage of red.

Stick it around the top of the boot, roll a smaller sausage, stick to the top of the tongue.

Roll white sugar paste, cut 2 thin strips.

Stick the strips around the edge of the tongue.

Roll a long thin sausage of blue paste. Stick it around the edge of your tongue.

Cut long, thin strips of red and blue, stick to the sides to make a pattern.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Pipe on the laces.

Carefully lift your boot on to the wheels. Stick with jam or royal icing.

Roll out black sugar paste, cut a long thin strip of black.

Stick this around the bottom of the boot.


Have fun!

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