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About: Married father of 5 (4 boys and 1 girl). A Captain in the Fire Department with over 25 years of service. Grew up turning wrenches at my fathers garage. That turned into a love of building things with my hands.

How to get five bicycles, two scooters and one skateboard to occupy the same space in your garage at once. Bonus!! You can move all 8 at once in one step.

Step 1: The Need...

With five kids, come five bikes (7 with mom and Dads)...the bikes ate up a lot of real estate in my garage workshop. I needed to come up with something to get them off the floor and out of my way. More importantly, a way to move them around as needed without having to roll all of them out on the driveway. Every time I did I get people doing the slow creep past the house thinking I was some kinda black market bike shop.

Step 2: Custom Racks..

Using wood clamps I was able to secure the upper bikes in place. This gave me the option of making some really custom brackets for the bikes. I used some left-over carpet on them to protect the bikes too..

Step 3: Lower Bike Stand

I used some leftover wood to build this entire thing. Honestly, all I really bought were the wheels (harbor freight). I used 2x4's for the lower wheel racks because of the weight. You probably could use 1x4 or something but I wanted this to be pretty bottom heavy. I really don't need to explain why do I?

Step 4: Custom Bike Locks or "stays" for the Lower Two.

I made a couple of "locks" or "stays" for the lower bikes. I didn't want them rolling off when I rolled the whole thing around.

Step 5: Final.

Came out pretty good. Works great...really easy to replicate. I still get creepers when the bikes are out in the driveway though...I'm guessing they're just trying to figure what the heck this bicycle rack thingie is and where I got it. Have fun...



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    3 years ago

    Great idea! I too have five children (1 daughter and 4 sons). Have this same bike issue. Would you happen to have more pics or PDF plan for this? Would be very much appreciated.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    I don't have any plans for it. Each bike was so different I basically just built the rack around them.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for responding to my question.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome idea, I'm definately going to make this when I get my own place