Rolling Cabinet for Small Living Spaces

Introduction: Rolling Cabinet for Small Living Spaces

This is a small cabinet that holds a variety of items. It is designed for increased ease of transport. The Target Audience is teenagers going to college. The design can be used in any setting. Also, the wood can be painted with various designs to suit the user.



Soft PVC Canvas - This can be recycled from a canvas sign, and this is how the canvas was acquired in the cabinet I created.

Aluminum strip

Pop Rivets

Strong Metal Rod and Various Nuts and Bolts to fasten it to the wheels and bag.

The cabinet is able to roll as a rod is inserted that crosses the width of the canvas bag. The bag revolves around the rod, staying parallel with the ground.


Jig Saw - To cut the wood

Sewing Machine and Scissors - To make the canvas bag

Hack Saw - To cut the rod to size

Drill - To make holes in the wood and canvas for the rod to pass through

PVC Cement - To attach the canvas bag to the hidden aluminum strip that is shaped to the frame of the canvas bag


Mark out two circles with a diameter of 800mm onto plywood

Mark out a net for an open topped rectangular box that is 760x250x250mm on canvas

Mark out a hole on each long side that has a diameter of at least 4.5mm, that is near the top of the opening of canvas box

Mark out a hole at least 4.5mm in diameter around 250mm from the center of the circle slats

Make a 520x250mm rectangular frame

Cut out the circle according to the pencil marks

Cut out the net according to the chalk marks Cut out a hole on each long side of the net for Part 3 Drill the holes through

Cut and bend aluminum bars to shape, use hand drill to make holes for pop rivets

Sew together the net

Insert pop rivets to join aluminum strips if more than one was used to create the frame of the canvas box

Use the PVC Cement to glue the canvas flaps over the aluminum strip frame, enclosing the strip in the canvas.

Insert the metal rod through one wooden circle, then the width of the canvas then the final wooden circle, using nuts and bolts to secure it but allowing enough leeway to let the canvas bag revolve around the rod

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    Fun idea. I have something like this. But I used small caster wheels on the bottom.