Rolling Coin Across Your Fingers! Coin Trick

About: I'm an Indian electronic project builder!

Hi friend I'm Aravind chowdary and today we're going to learn how to move coin over our fingers and amaze our friends and people. So without wasting the time let's get started!

Step 1: Choose a Coin According to You

So at first choose a perfect coin that's comfortable with your hand (your hands are big or small doesn't matter) choose a coin of your wish
Then now take the coin into your hands and follow my instructions

Step 2: Use Your Thumb

Use your thumb to bring the coin onto your finger

Step 3: Make Use of Neighbouring Fingers

Use the side finger to lift the coin push onto the other one.

Step 4: Here Come Last Finger

So now let the coin move from the gap between and use the thumb to move it again to first finger.

Step 5: Watch This If You Didn't Understand

So thanks for watching friends happy building and also learning!!!!



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