Rollo Fudge Brownies



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These are brownies with rollos pushed into the brownies and then some are cut up and sprinkled over the brownies. Half of it has peacons and brown sugar and the whole thing has melted chocolate drizzled over it. (I only put the peacons and brown sugar on half cause my family dosnt like them and I do.)These really are the most delicious brownies i've ever had and there great to ake for parties and gatherings.

First:Buy the ingredients which is A box of brownie mix, Bag of Rollos, Peacons, Brownsugar, and a square of semi-sweet chocolate.
Second:Make the Brownies ,make sure there cake-like brownies, then cut up 16 rollos into quarters and leave 24 whole.
Third:When the brownies are done bakeing push rollos in 4X6 rows.
Fourth:Sprinkle the cut up rollos over the brownies and then put the desired amounf of peacons and brown sugar over the brownies.
Fifth:Drizzle one melted square of semi-sweet chocolate over the brownies and then let them cool for about 20-30 min
Sixth:Cut and enjoy!

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