Roly Poly Egg - Buffoon

Introduction: Roly Poly Egg - Buffoon

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

Welcome to the Circus of the Egg head Buffoon and his master.

This one is very crazy and my one year baby like that yellow head very much. Come lets see how to do it and make your children's happy. But don't give it to the hands of your children's hand, if u give the story end like 'Humpty Dumpty' Rhymes.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Item Required

1) Egg (only the cell)

2) Clay (i use model clay now, in my young days i use garden clay)

3) Color papers

Tools and Materials Required

1) Forceps (i mostly use my hands).

2) Scissors.

3) Glue (I use Fevical) .

4) Pencil.

5) Rubber.

6) Compass.

Lets start......

Step 2: Time to Make Omelette

Take eggs and make a small hole in sharp edge side( Don't make hole in the rounded side because that side is correct for roly-poly. Remove all white and york from the egg. Clean the egg cell and allow it to dry. During the time of dry.

Prepare Omelette by adding some onion and salt. I like it very much. Eat it and now see its dry.

Step 3: Prepare Roly Poly

1) Make the hole bigger enough up to ur index finger reach the bottom of the egg cell. While make hole bigger brake tiny parts that make the round shape correctly.

2) Prepare small pieces of model clay and put the first piece inside.

3) Hold the Egg cell in the Left hand palm and by using the right hand index finder press the clay.

4) Over pressure make the cell break, Very less pressure can't allow clay to stick with egg wall, so give medium pressure.

5) Add some more pieces of clay and finally make the surface flat. Between each piece of clay put the egg in the plain surface and watch it stand correctly and if we tilt it stand back correctly.

Now the Roly poly skeleton is ready. Use it for any type of Egg art. Cover the top hole with any decorative less weight items(Cotton as hair or paper as hat). I close it with hat come lets see how?

Step 4: Prepare Hat

Round Hat

1) Tear a straight piece of color paper and make a cylinder by measure the top circumference of the egg.

2) Stick the piece sides with glow and make a cylinder.

3) By using compass draw two circles on the other piece of paper and cut as show in the figure.

4) Cut two sides of the cylinder as small stripes with uniform height.

5) Bend the to stripes inside and bottom stripes out side.

6) Apply glow on the stripes top side and paste the round pieces. Now the round hat is ready.

Conical hat

1) Make a cone from a piece of paper and stick the edge.

2) Place the egg cell inside the paper cone and make the required height.

3) Cut the mark height straightly. Now the conical hat is ready.

Step 5: Mark and Draw Face

1) Place the hat over the egg and mark a line of the hut bottom in the egg cell.repeat for both.

2) Draw the image what ever you like. He may cry, anger, happy like any emotions. I want my doll to be happy so i draw a smiling face.

3) Draw lightly so that able to erase the line after coloring.

Step 6: Coloring the Heads

Color it with attractive colors So children's like it very much. If use paint its very shiny. I use color sketch pen.

1) First sketch out lines and erase the lines with rubber.

2) Yellow, green are pleasant colors.

3) Handle the egg care fully while coloring. Hold it like baby.

Step 7: Time for Get Ready to Show

1) Apply glow to the inside bottom of the hat. and stick it with the egg cell. Repeat it for the second also.

2) I paste a bead to the nose it looks so cute.

3) Now we ready to perform. Want to see how its work.

Step 8: How to Play

Rotate it or tilt it. It shake the head. It can't sleep. Play with it.

Step 9: Welcome to Circus

Welcome to Show. See the buffoons. They roll and make u happy.

After show they take rest in my shelf. This egg tell u i can stand my self so i don't need holder. Try this with all your egg arts.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cute. What a great idea for a child's toy. Thank you for sharing!