Roman Candle HP Style Wand!

Step 1: The Roman Candles

We got ours at our local fireworks store. We picked some inexpensive  wand size ones.  
Then Dad  set out glue gun to low and added some texture. We didn't get too detailed because these are single use. And will be thrown away when done. 

I added the plastic gem at the end makes it a little cooler. We had a bag lying around. But you could use marbles or glass aquarium beads. Pretty cheaply. 

Step 2:

We used blue painters tape to protect the fuse and the gem from spray paint. Then we painted with flat black and some silver. 

We painted the details with gold for a nice touch. 

We made 10 in less than an hour. Not bad going to need about 30 for the party. 

Step 3: All Done

We removed the blue tape and were ready to go for Halloween.

Good luck 
Happy Halloween 



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Do I really need to point out how monumentally dangerous and stupid it is to set off display fireworks in your hand?

    This is how people lose body parts.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Any "social issues" will come after the trauma of your children or their guests having their hands maimed.

    Pop down to your local ER, ask them about it.

    Nice job making it look as good as it does, but yes, roman candles do explode from time to time. This can happen due to the contents loosening from excessive handling, from a pinch in the tube, or simply from a manufacturing defect. This would not likely result in a missing body part (the types of compositions they contain tend to push things out of the way rather than blowing through them), but you would end up with severe burns on your hand.

    This does give me a good idea however, using something that's a little safer in the hand than fireworks. We'll see if I get to it in time for halloween.

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    Thank you for your comments. We look forward to seeing your idea on instructables.

    We have decided to make our instructable private after your feedback.