Roman Costume

Alright guys this is my roman armor
Things you need.

And scissors

That is all.

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Step 1: The Helmate

First:cut a strip of cardboard that fits your head.then make cheek pads tape those on then cut a piece of cardboard and bend the back.tape that on.finally paper Mach the top by putting a ballon in the piece and your done.

Step 2: Vambrace

Cut cardboard to you're fore arm .then poke holes and lace shoes strings through it.

Step 3: Chest Plate

First cut a hole we're you're head can fit though it.then bend it to your body.then cut shoulder guards.finally cut it so you can bend down.

Step 4: Sword and Shield

For the Shield find or cut a circular object.the put straps on it.for the sword cut a piece of wood and sharpen it.



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