Roman (No Fastener) Shoe Rack

Introduction: Roman (No Fastener) Shoe Rack

Shoes Shoes Everywhere!!!!!

Problem: The entryway is a mess full of shoes.  I'm tired of stepping on them and can barely open the door to leave or enter. 

Solution: Build a shoe rack. 

Step 1: Planning

PLAN: Come up with an idea. I sketched mine up on Engineering(grid) paper. 
One could use AutoCAD, ProE, Google SketchUp, but sometimes a pen and paper is all you need.

Think ahead: I do not have a vast selection of tools (being jammed into a small townhouse) so I tried to make this as minimal as possible.   I was going to use nails or screws but was afraid of fastening into the end grain, which has a tendancy to split the wood, so I just used good old fashion wood glue. 

SAFETY: Use your brain.  

Step 2: Materials

3/8" Dowels - 48" Long (Qty 9)
1"x2"x2' (Qty 4) - You could buy a 1x2x8 and cut to length, but unfortunately I do not have a table saw at home.  I bought the precut ones, trick is to find some that are cut square. Just stand them up on end. The ones that fall over are not square. 

Drill/Drill press
Hand Saw/Table Saw
Tape measure (square will work too)
sand paper
wood glue
Safety googles

Step 3: Layout

Plan ahead - See how long your shoes are and allow for the toes to overhang ~1-2 inches.

Measure twice, Cut once!!!

Step 4: Drill/Cut

Be careful when drilling.  Use clamps if necessary and don't forget your safety goggles.

Hint: Set depth guage on drill to ensure the hole does not go through the wood. I recommend 3/8"-1/2" deep holes.

Cut dowels to length with the saw and hand sand the rough ends. 

Step 5: Dry Fit Up

Before gluing assemble the rack together.  Make sure everything is snug and square. 

Hint.  Install dowels on one side first, then assemble other side as shown in picture. 

Step 6: Final Assembly

After dry fit up, disassemble, final sand if desired.  Add glue-reassemble, clamp and let dry.  Paint or stain as you wish. 

Finally, enjoy your nice neat entry way.

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