Romantic Nut Candle




Introduction: Romantic Nut Candle

How to make romantic nut candle



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    I'd say that maybe you can float it on water, so if it burns, it will be okay.

    I used a large acorn and scooped the insides out. If you file the bottom down, it makes it stand up better.

    This is cool. No stand for them though? I think the cork cage from a champagne bottle would work well. Otherwise, a few of these rolling around would be a great way to start some fires. Especially if the date at your romantic dinner is distracting you.

    Blood is the color of passion! Seriously, though. I wanted to grab my screen and yell at the video. So dangerous. Replace that hand with a simple table vice, and the whole thing is 3000% safer. Or a drill press ideally, but most people don't have those.

    My nut candles, on the rare occasion I get one lit, only last about 2 ~ 3 minutes (sigh)... GK