Roof Snow Rake Scooper Tool - Easy DIY Using a 5 Gallon Bucket, a Shower Curtain, and a Pole




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Snow roof rake scooper tool I looked for something simple to use for a roof snow rake idea. I searched Google images and YouTube for something that uses a 5 gallon bucket and 2 or 3 10 foot sticks of electrical EMT conduit. There are designs but none that really show how to remove snow from the roof Painlessly and safely from the ground without damaging the roof shingles. The design is simple! Easy to craft from items around the home and will save your roof from collapsing in the event of MORE SNOW!!! ( you will have fun I promise ) Get any 5 gallon round plaster plastic bucket and cut the bottom out so you have a nice crisp edge. I used a rotozip tool but you can use anything , razor knife, hand saw, what ever. Use a pole or extension pole and feed the pole on the inside of the bucket.

Step 1: Use Bolts to Fasten the Bucket to the Main Pole Inline With Nothing Protruding Beyond the Cut Edge of the Bucket.

Use bolts that are long enough to go through the pole with possibly a nut mounted on the inside of the bucket and a Philips head on the outside facing the do not want anything to bough your roof surface. You can use 2 bolts or one but two is going to give the bucket ridgidity and bolt the pole to the bucket. Bolt the bucket with the cut edge out towards the top (business end) . If you bolt the bucket with the factory made end out it tends to push snow into a wedge as it is tapered down and can be difficult to release the snow from the "mold" so to speak. Make sure the pole you use is rigid enough to take some abuse/ OOPSies / miss-handling a of the snow roof scooper tool. You can use duct tape the couple the lengths of electrical conduit together end to end. This will give you 20 feet to work with or more of you have more EMT sticks of electrical conduit.

Step 2: Use Electrical Tape to Wrap the Plastic Sheathing/ AKA Shower Curtain Around the Bucket Mouth to Create a Trough U-Shape

Then tape a piece of shower curtain to the bottom section of the bucket with the length of it trailing down the pole making a sluce trough for the snow to slip and slide. That's it. Poke the snow a little and make snow "marshmallows " as they come tumbling down the roof line at you while you laugh hysterically that this contraption works like a charm!!!I live in Milton, New Hampshire and we had 28 square of roof to remove snow from that was over 3 feet deep in areas over the farmers porches.

Step 3: This Was My First Instructable! I Want to Share My Gadgets With the World!

Diy roof snow rake remover tool

-Andy from Milton, New Hampshire



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    3 years ago

    Good idea, saw one similar before with a crazy carpet instead the plastic curtain


    3 years ago on Introduction

    AWESOME IDEA!!! Love it1

    Most shower rods are hollow & made from cheap(low quality) metal or plastic....

    Schedule 40 PVC(white plumbing pipe) though very inexpensive, is incredibly strong.

    this is just my personal 2 cents worth, so take it as such pls.....

    I would feel more comfy(and safer) using PVC for a pole/handle, than I would a shower rod....but that's just me.


    Would not a piece of wood(such as 3/4 inch) plywood, with a piece of rubber on the bottom, work faster/better & yet not damage the roofing shingles?

    just a thought....I love this Idea of yours though. 8 0 D

    the following pics taken are by me ( The YackitySmackity ) of how the bucket is fastened to the pole. I used 1/4 -20 bolts stainless steel about 2 1/2" long with cup washers and stainless steel nylon inserts lock nuts. This setup can take a beating and still be lightweight. I also found if your plastic bag u-shaped trough were happen to rip or split up a seam....just go get another bag, and tape it to the bottom. I used a heavy duty black contractor bag in my latest design and it works like magic and the contrast to snow is good so you can see the snow chunks as they glide past you on the way to the ground.



    3 years ago
    More of the roof rake scooper tool

    thanks for the kudos! I appreciate the compliments! I just want to share this with as many people as I can to better my fellow neighbor and help others in reducing the amounts of snow on their roofs.

    It's kinda dangerous, really, living in a house with a roof loaded down with snow that could potentially collapse if it were to ever rain before you remove the heavy snow. 1 cubic foot of snow weighs around 12 pounds while 1 cubic foot of snow that has been rained on weighs around 25 pounds! That's dangerous! Like a ticking time bomb are you stealing yourself the roof can hold all that weight?

    I hear roof shovelers are making anywhere from $100.00 an hour to shovel roofs off to $2,500 per roof ! That's insane money!

    I just want to show the world a different method and to do it without damaging the roof shingles or creating a bigger problem once the rains come during March, April and May...for less than $5.00 in supplies, no moving parts and satisfaction that "YOU MADE IT" and you can do it!



    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! No more needing to climb on the roof after a very heavy storm. Great job!


    3 years ago

    can you used chain. ;)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Well? Yeah I guess you can use chain... But we just put a new roof on our home in New England with asphalt shingles to the tune of $14,000.00 using a "ripper tool" to "saw" through the snow layer is not going to be a great idea especially if your chain happens to catch on a layer of roof shingles and "saw / rip" through the roofing.

    Probably this technique is used on roofs that are metal or slate? Here in the states 90% of roofs are shingled with asphalt shingles. And they can rip and tear easily. And we get a lot of rains in the spring. Thanks for your input.