Room Decor Rocks (Up Cycling Old Rocks)

Introduction: Room Decor Rocks (Up Cycling Old Rocks)

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These bright and colorful rocks look so pretty that I have one sitting on my night stand. Using only a few materials you can make these bright colorful rocks in less than 10 minutes!

Step 1: Getting the Materials

You will need at least two different colors of nail polish (You can use more than two colors), a disposable bowl, rubber gloves, water, a toothpick, and a rock.

Step 2: Adding the Color

Fill the bowl half way with water. Pour a color of nail polish in the water randomly. Pour in your next color in also in a random pattern. You need to do this for all of your colors.

Step 3: Finishing Off the Design

To finish the design use a toothpick to swirl around the colors. If you decide not to do this step, the results will not be as good. Put your gloves on and put the side you want to have color on top of the nail polish in the water.

Step 4: The Drying Process

When you are ready to take them out swirl your other hand around the rock moving the excess away. Make sure when you do take them out of the water to have a couple of paper towels lying on top of each other so that way you don’t get nail polish on your work counter. Let them dry for about 1 hour just to be safe.

I wanted to make these just for fun, but they turned out so cool that I have them in my room where I look at them every day!

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    I made these when I was about 8 ears old, and I'm 80 now. So-- hardly a new misuse. You can also use this technique on white coffee mugs and bowls. A good idea is to seal the end result with lacquer or ModPodge, so the color doesn't chip off. It's a great craft for little kids; older ones can do the coffee mugs or bowls.

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    You are right it is not a new misuse, but nonetheless a one with many uses. If you do this project on flat rocks, you can put jewelry on them. If you use a big, round, and flat rock you can use them as coasters. You can hot glue a magnet on the back. Even though they are not a new idea, they have many uses. You are also right about the Modge Podge and the white mug that would work. I appreciate you on this website, you are a role model to me. My grandpa, who is 90 makes dogs out of river rocks and glues little beads on the head as eyes. To see that older people still have a will to do simple crafts and stuff makes me put a little more faith in humanity. Thank you.

    Well, thanks a lot Syd. Last winter I completely rebuilt our kitchen shelving, and now I working on the pantry shelves. I'll let you know when I've dwindled down to "simple...stuff." I've had to take an entire room in our house for a workshop, because I have a jig saw, saw horses, two Dremels, and enough handtools (which I use all the time) to open a branch of Home Depot. My hardware storage has outgrown its home twice, and is bursting its seams again! So, yeah, when does the simple stuff start? D****d if I know!

    Well I’m glad that you are not doing simple things yet. I think it’s great that you’re doing all these big jobs that I don’t even know how to do.

    Let me tell you what I told my 10-year-old neighbor boy when I was grossing him out feeding a land tortoise raw meat. He wanted to know how I learned to feed it raw meat, and I told him, "You can learn anything from a book." We have a family saying, as well, "RTFI," which means, "Read The F*****g Instructions." Take 'Nana's advice-- do both! If I buy a kit, with hardware, parts, instructions, I lay everything out on the instruction sheet if possible, walk myself thru the instructions at least twice (!), and then lay everything out in the order I'm going to use it. Definitely worth the time. (I learned that the hard way.)

    Well sorry you had to learn it the hard way, but I guess someone had to so others can learn correctly.

    Dogs?? Cool-- now I'm thinking cats, other critters. Does the creatice circle ever end?