Room Light With Your Flashlight

Introduction: Room Light With Your Flashlight

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Our living room was pretty dark because it didn't have a ceiling light. We only had a little lamp next to the couch. We wanted more light. However, we did have a honking big powerful LED flashlight with rechargeable batteries designed by Google, so we decided to install that.

Problem was, the bright white light coming out of the flashlight was just too cold looking. And it's not easy hanging a flashlight from the ceiling.

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Step 1: Hang the Flashlight

I just wanted to put one hole in the ceiling (cuz we're renting the place, uknow?). So I drilled the hole, then inserted one of those plastic drywall thingys and finally drove in a screw with a washer into the plastic thingy (so that the plastic thingy expanded behind the drywall, locking it in place). Nice and secure for our purposes. 

I then took some ~1/16inch steel welding rod and bent it into a large ring, duct taping the ends together.

I then made three equal lengths of twine, looping each of the ends around the screw and tying the other ends to the ring, each a third away from the other.

I then made another ring from some ~1/8inch steel rod by bending it around the handle of the flashlight. 

I then suspended this ring below the first with three more equal lengths of twine.

Step 2: Diffuse the Light

We experimented a bit here to get the right light, but the idea is that the light is both colored and diffused when it hits the water in the bottle. It just took a little bit of dye.

Wrapped some cardboard around the bottom to make it sit nicely on the flashlight.

Step 3: Enjoy the Light


Actually lights the room quite well with a nice warm hue.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well done! This would be an excellent way to light a room during a power outage and conserve battery power! Kudos!