Room Temperature Detection With Galileo Gen 2 and Grove Kit




I will show you how to set up an interactive room temperature project with LCD RBG and temperature sensor using Intel Galileo and grove kit.

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Step 1: Download the Arduino IDE for Intel Galileo and the Temperature Sensor Code.

Step 2: ​Open the Code in IDE, Select the Board As Intel Galileo and Port Based on the Port Visible on the Device Manager, Accessed Via Win+R and Then Writing Devmngt.msc

Step 3: Once the Code Is Uploaded, the LCD Shows an Initial Purple Light (because of Color R, Color G and Color B Set at 255 Each).

Step 4: As Soon As the Temperature Sensor Senses the Room Temperature, Which It Checks After Every 5 Seconds, the Following 2 Conditions Take Place:

Step 5: ​Temperature Is Less Than 27 Degrees

Step 6: ​Temperature Is Greater Than 27 Degrees

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