Room/Garden Decor Lamp(Out of Waste!!!)




Introduction: Room/Garden Decor Lamp(Out of Waste!!!)

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Hello guys!! In this instructable I will show you how to make a room/garden decor lamp totally out of waste...

I will make 2 lamps in this instructable and will explain them separately...

Let's get started...

Step 1: Gathering the Materials...

For this instructable, you'll need the following things:-

1. A plastic bottle(preferable size)
2. An LED strip
3. An on/off switch
4. Long wire
5. A step down converter ( AC to DC converter)
6. A plug
7. A solder and soldering wire
8. Hot glue gun
9. A metal wire
10. Milk
12. A metal rod ( a hollow one, if possible, of the same or almost equal diameter to that of bottle cap)
13. A transparent plastic pipe or straw.
14. A cardboard roll.
15. Some Scrap cardboard

And, most importantly,

16. Help of this instructable by Anirudh Ralhan(hee...hee...)

And that's it!! Let's start making it...

Step 2: Modifying the Bottle Cap...

Take your solder and with its help, make a hole in the bottle cap of diameter of that of the LED strip. Pass the negative and positive wires of the LED from the hole as shown in the picture. The bare ends of the wire should be OUTSIDE THE CAP. Take the straw/pipe and pass the LED strip through it. If the straw is short, then, add another straw and seal it will hot glue. Also, seal the top of the straw. Now, take a metal wire and straighten it out. Then, cut it to length which is a little less than that of the LED strip. Pass the metal wire through the same straw in which there's the LED strip. The metal wire should be behind the LED strip. Now, take the straw with the LED in it and hot glue it to the bottle cap. Seal the bottle cap with hot glue from both sides. No water should be able to escape from bottle once the lid is put back on. Also, the LED should be airtight in that straw. No water from the bottle should be able to escape in the straw. The metal wire will help in keeping the straw Straight...

I chose one of the rundown, multicolor LED strips. You can choose any LED strip you like.

Step 3: Preparing the Colloid..

We need to fill the bottle with a colloid to make this lamp work. We will use colloids because they scatter light perfectly. If you don't know what a colloid is, google it up.

We will use a colloid which can easily be prepared at home. Fill one fifth of the bottle with milk and the rest with water. And viola!! colloid prepared. Screw the bottle cap with the LED back on and set the bottle aside for 10-12 hours and wait..........

Step 4: Filtration...

After 10-12 hours, you will notice some kind of white stuff floating on top of the bottle. These are milk particles. We need to remove them. For that, take a jug or any other container and put a cloth over it. I recommend doing this in the bathroom because this can get a little messy. Now, hold the cloth tightly and pour a little of the colloid over it. Now, pick up the cloth and squeeze it. This will cause the water to fall the water to fall in the jug while the milk particles stay in the cloth. Do this till the whole colloid is filtered. It is tiring, I know, but it's worth the lamp you'll get in the end. Rinse the plastic bottle with water to remove the milk particles sticking to its walls. Pour the filtered colloid in it. You'll notice that there's a drop in the level of colloid. Fill the bottle with water to compensate the loss of colloid level.

Step 5: The Decor Lamp...

As told earlier, I made 2 lamps. Here's the first one, a standing lamp. You just need to attach a stand to the bottle .You can either make a small one as in 3rd picture or a big one. You can make it in any way you like. Here's how I did it.

I had a plastic cookie container in which the bottle fitted snugly. I made a hole in its bottom and hot glued it to the bottle's neck. Then I rolled the Scrap cardboard over the metal rod and taped it. I removed the metal rod from it and hot glued the prepared card board to the bottle cap, careful to leave the wires out. Then I applied hot glue on the metal rod and inserted it too in the prepared cardboard. Then, for tightening it, I forced another cardboard roll over it and applied hot glue.

Be careful to pick up the lamp by holding the BOTTLE ONLY. The bottle, being heavier, will most likely be separated if the lamp is picked up horizontally while holding the metal rod.

Step 6: The Electrical Part...

I took the long wires and soldered them to the wires of the LED and insulated them with hot glue. Then, I soldered a switch between the wires and finally, an AC to DC converter with a plug to the ends of the wires. Now, the lamp can work directly on AC power. I hot glued the switch on the cardboard roll and then took a piece of white paper, made a hole in it for the switch and finally glued it to the cardboard roll to give it a nice, clean finish.

Step 7: The Stand..

I took an old but good looking pot lying around, filled it out with mud and planted my Lamp in that mud. Here are a few images of the lamp working in the night. Be sure to check out the video attached below.

Step 8: The Bedside Lamp...

This is almost the same but easier. I made a hole in the bottle cap, took the LED strip, inserted it in the plastic pipe along with the metal wire and sealed it with hot glue to the bottle cap. Then, I filled the bottle with the same colloid. I prepared a long box of cardboard and made all the electrical connections and inserted them in the box leaving only the wire with the plug and switch outside the box. When switched on, it emits a beautiful white light and acts as a elegant Bedside lamp.

And that's it!!! Thanks for viewing this instructable. Please vote for me in the entered contests if you liked my instructable. I would be grateful to you :) :) :)

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    Mehak Dhingra
    Mehak Dhingra

    3 years ago

    I love it awesome!!!!

    Anirudh Ralhan
    Anirudh Ralhan

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks ☺☺

    Anirudh Ralhan
    Anirudh Ralhan

    3 years ago

    I used the metal rod which is used for hanging curtains. See if you can scrap another one.☺☺