Room/House Control System Concept

Introduction: Room/House Control System Concept

About: Jake Howard - 21 - Bournemouth, UK

My project is based around automated control of common household appliances, not only do I think this system would be a huge help in my bedroom but it could also be expanded to others areas of the house. So the idea is to have this monitoring system mounted in the corner of a room, inside this box is a web-cam style motion camera similar to that of a Kinect camera. At a basic level this would be able to detect the presence of someone in the room and turn on necessary lights then when they leave turn these lights off, if this basic system was fitted round the house it could save an estimated £100 a year on energy bills. But why just stop at light control? This detection ability could also be used to raise and lower blinds, control temperature, alarm systems and appliances such as TVs. This technology all ready exists in products such as the Kinect but is yet to be implemented around the house, gesture control could be used to remotely activate appliances without the need for a remote. The system would require multiple sensors and a control system which would most likely be a PC tower tucked out of sight this also has the possibility of an App on smart phones to control areas of the house. It would be very easy to adjust settings with this separate control PC instead of setting each sensor. 
The CAD model I made in Autodesk Inventor is a basic idea of what the sensor would look like, there is the main body which houses the sensors and mounting holes then the curved transparent lens for the camera. The top would be difficult to screw in so it would be hung like a painting then the bottom two would be fixed to the actual wall for added support. 

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