Rooster Made of Spoon. Symbol of Year 2017




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Intro: Rooster Made of Spoon. Symbol of Year 2017

Rooster is the symbol of year 2017, that’s why it’s becoming more and more popular. Everybody wants to have such symbol in their houses. But there is no need to buy a toy when you can make it on your own.

You will need:

- scissors;

- school glue;

- colored paper, two cotton discs;

- a plastic spoon.

Step 1: Take the Plastic Spoon and Cotton Discs

First, take the plastic spoon and cotton discs. Cut rooster’s crest in the shape of crown from red paper.

Step 2: ​Apply Glue on the Discs

Apply glue on the discs. Put the spoon with its handle between the discs and stick them together. Stick the crest on the top of the spoon.

Step 3: ​Cut Two Wings From White Paper

Cut two wings from white paper. They have trapezoidal shape. Cut three semicircles on the upper part of wings. Stick them to the rooster’s body from both sides, and color its contours in blue.

Step 4: ​Take Black Paper and Cut Eyes and Eyelashes

Take black paper and cut eyes and eyelashes. Stick them on the upper part of the spoon. Cut the triangle-shaped mouth from red paper, and stick under eyes.

Step 5: ​Take Red Paper

Take red paper, cut out an oblong oval and stick it on the edge between the spoon and the cotton disc. Cut out two small circles from yellow paper, and stick them on the centre of rooster’s body from his neck downwards.

Step 6: ​Cut Out Two Feet From Black Paper

Cut out two feet from black paper, and stick them to the body.

Now we have a great symbolic rooster that will bring you positive energy in the upcoming 2017.

And one more thing. Don’t forget to wish Merry Christmas to your family and friends.

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    1 year ago

    That is a fun and easy craft idea. Great job! :)