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Introduction: Rooster the Giant Slayer

About: Hi! I am Klinong, that is how my loving family calls me, except my brother, he calls me Krinyol, as I have silly curly hair :) I love Instructables for forever now, especially for the contests ha-ha!, but ...

Inspired by the kids book of Jack and the Bean Stalk :) My husband preferred it as The Walking Dead Rooster instead though, lol.

This makes a fun table center for Easter party for the kids :)

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Step 1: RKT

Am slightly using the recipe on the box of the cereal (omitting butter/margarine/flavoring). This recipe below needs to be doubled to make a whole rooster.

5 c rice krispies cereal

1 bag mini marshmallows of 255 g

Melt marshmallows for 45 secs on microwave, stir to melt, then stir in rice krispies cereal

Step 2: Body Parts

Once your RKT is mixed, it's ready to be molded/shaped/carved

For the first round of rkt, I molded it into the back of the chicken, then I prepared another rkt and molded it into a small round, for the giant's eye, an oval shape as an egg (which I didnt get to use as my youngest literally stole it and ate it half lol), stomach part, and neck/head

For the neck, I used a wooden dowel and wrapped it with plastic wrap thus rkt wont touch it directly.

I let them hardened for a night before proceeding

With the help of melted chocolate, I glued the stomach and back rkt, shaping into the body

Step 3: Building the Rooster

For the base, I prefer to use OSB instead cake board/drum, as it is stronger. Drilled a hole in center and push in either a dowel or a chopstick :P A strong on though, not a flimsy/thin chopstick

For the feather, I use edible paper (available amazon) and just cut with scissor into feathers

For some of the parts, such as head, giant eye, and feet, I cover them with white modelling chocolate

Step 4: Rooster the Giant Slayer

Push in rooster body into the chopstick, down enough. The chopstick would be his one foot.

Push in the neck into the body

With modelling chocolate, cover the top part of the neck/head and added details, color with edible red food coloring. For the chicken eyes, I colored them with edible food coloring

Start adding feathers onto chicken body. You can glue them with royal icing, icing sugar glaze, pasteurized egg white, or even melted chocolate

Cover a shorter wooden dowel with plastic then modelling chocolate, for one chicken foot

Place giant eye ball under chicken then push in the chicken foot into body and, as if foot is clutching the eye ball

Once your rooster in down, cover the board with either crushed oreo or cocoa powder and place some chocolate eggs

Enjoy :)

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    That Redhead
    That Redhead

    3 years ago

    "Walking Dead Rooster" Hilarious! great job! Best of luck!


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    many thanks!


    4 years ago

    Very Nice :)


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    thank you :)