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Introduction: Root Lamp

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A nice lamp made out of a dead spruce's root, a lamp shade and copper tube.
Because I live in Europe and all the hardware is in cm/mm I won't use the "inch" standard. Also please excuse my english and all the mistakes.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

- A spruce tree root. I am an echologist and i used a dead tree for this. I used  a root of about 70 cm in height. ( see first picture)
- 2 meters of copper tube( 8 mm width, hollow on the inside so 2 electrical wires can pass through)
- 12 cm of copper tube ( 15 mm in width), 4 cm of copper tube ( 15 mm in width) and two caps that fit on this tube.( second picture)
- a lamp shade which i extracted from a Ikea lamp. ( third picture)
- wood stain( i used ebony)
- a light bulb socked

- a drill
- a knife
- Copper pipe cutter( 4'th picture)
- fine sand paper
- file
- torch for soldering ( 5'th picture)
- solder

Step 2: Cleaning the Root

In this first step take the root and clean it thoroughly using a knife to remove all the bark and all the unnecessary ugly roots.( see second picture)
After that use a fine sand paper to remove all the splinters and to make all the corners round.
Stain the wood using a brush and wipe the excess stain with a cloth. The results can be seen in the rest of the pictures( please excuse the poor quality pictures , i was lacking a camera at the time).

Step 3: Making the Leg( Part 1)

Drill through the wood in some spots ( where you think it is good looking for the electrical wires to pass)
Drill two half through holes on the top and on the bottom so you can make the proper entering and exiting of the electrical wires.

You can see this in the first four pictures.

From the 8 mm copper tube make 10 arcs, that fit exactly onto the previousely drilled holes. Also clean all the arcs with a fine sand paper( see 5-th picture).
I introduced all the copper pipes into their places so you can see a mock up of the leg. ( last four pictures).

Step 4: Making the Leg( Part 2)

Using a soldering torch and solder, unite the two caps two the 15 mm copper pipes and clean them up.( see first picture)
Drill the cap of the smaller pipe, make a whole in the leg of the root( where the wires should enter) and fit the copper pipe there. ( see second picture)
The second pipe( larger one) is used for reinforcing the back part of the leg, so the lamp will be stabile and firm. ( see third and fourth picture). This was also done by drilling into the leg and fitting the pipe in the whole.

Step 5: Making the Leg( Part 3)

Pass the wire through each copper at a time. The end result should be like in the first picture.
Glue the fillet for the light bulb socket and drill for holes at the top of the leg. See second picture.
From the remaining 8 mm pipe make four arms, each different in size. This pipes where made to hold the lamp shade firmly. See third picture.
Glue this four arms at the top of the leg in the previousely drilled holes. Fourth picture.
Attach the light bulb socket to the fillet and also the wire ends to the light bulb socket. You can already put a light bulb in the socket.
Make connections for the wire on the bottom part( switch and the plug).

Step 6: The Final

Attach the lamp shade to the four arms glued at the top.
Also i attached some copper branches to the wood just to make it look better.
See the remaining of the pictures for the end result.

Many thanks,

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    4 years ago

    Thanks very much. This is the perfect idea for a strangely shaped old branch that I love but wasn't sure how to use.