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in this instructable I will show you how to root any Galaxy S5 and works on almost any Android device with a kernel build date of June 3rd, 2014 or older. at&t, verizon, sprint, etc. this is also UNTETHERED so you will not need a PC just your phone and maybe 2 minutes to getter done!

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Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

The first step you have to do is allow unknown sources to be able to download because towelroot is not available in the Play Store. Simply go to settings, then Privacy, and then check the unknown sources box

Step 2: Download Towelroot!

go to your browser on your phone and enter https:// and click the download link which is the big sign that pops up.. once done downloading you can open the file

Step 3: Get Rooted!

after you open the file and download, you can close everything and find the towelroot app that was downloaded to your phone. when found, go ahead and open it up and click the "make it rain" button. after this is done your phone will successfully be rooted! after rooted, you will need to go to the Play Store and download supersu an app that grants administrator rights to use your phone as you please. i hope you via enjoy! rooting your phone will VOID your warranty so proceed with caution. if when finished you see a message stating you have a non supported device, it is because the version of your phone was released after june and you will have to wait for the update. thank you again and any questions can be asked in the comments section below!

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    3 years ago

    Have problem with S5 Verizon. I upgraded to Android Lollipop but failed. If you had same issue, then i suggest to take a look at this guide: how to root Samsun Galaxy S5


    4 years ago

    Something I don't understand tho. What IS the purpose of "rooting" one's phone? What does it get me, what can I do with it once done. Samsung S4...Android Version 4.4.2/Kernel Version 3.4.0-2539008. Thanks.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Rooting give you admin rights, and that basically means as far as the phone is concerned you are god! One of the main reasons a lot of people root is so they can use Titanium Backup, which allows you to backup and restore apps (and their settings) either on the same phone, or onto a different one if you upgrade (I'm sure you know what a pain it is trying to do that manually). on a rooted phone you can also dump all the bloatware crap the telco pre-installs (which normally you can't get rid of). You can also install custom Kernels/ROMs to get even more out of your device. Personally I couldn't live with an un-rooted phone/tablet, but many people (most people even) would never need that level of control. Google it and see if it's for you or not, there's no shame in having a stock phone if that's all you want/need.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I used this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with no issues. I don't keep it installed afterwards but do keep the last working copy on my computer. If you leave it installed you sometimes get a vulnerability warning or at least you do on Verizon.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I've always been scared to root my phone because it does void the warrenty. Is there any way to undo the rooting process? And have you ever had issues with bricking your phone through this method?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yes there are. Search for unroot in the app store. As long as you don't replace the ROM you shouldn't have to worry about tripping the knox.