RootBeer Pulled Pork

Introduction: RootBeer Pulled Pork

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Step 1: Just Add RootBeer

Add a pork butt and two or three cans of RootBeer to a crock pot. This is so simple and sooo good!

Step 2: Add Onion

Chop up and add 1 onion.

Cook in crock pot for 5 hours on low. Then flip the pork butt over to the other side for 3 or 4 more hours. On low still!

Step 3: Shredding Time

After 8 or 9 hours it should be ready for shredding or pulling which ever you prefer.

Pour the juice from the crock pot into another container, you will want some of it to add back in later.

Put the pork butt into a separate bowl. It should practically be falling apart and if there is a bone it should fall away cleanly. I like to pick out some of the fat at this point too.

I like to use two utensils, one to hold and one to shred. This is the fun part so enjoy!

Put the shredded pork back in the crock pot.

Step 4: Final Shred

Add some of the juice you set aside earlier.

Add half a cup or one cup of BBQ sauce to the crock pot too and stir it all up. Leave it in for an hour or until serving time. Stir every hour is recommended.

Enjoy!!! Serve with coleslaw, buns and RootBeer :)

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