Rope Basket




Introduction: Rope Basket

What can you do with climbing rope once it has been retired? There are many ideas on how to use beautiful rope that is no longer safe for climbing. Here is one of those ideas!

Step 1: Materials

30-preferred ft rope

rope cutter

hot glue gun

hot glue sticks

permanent marker

measuring tape

cylinder of the preferred basket size

Step 2: Make a Base

Once you have decided how large you want your basket, depending on your preference or how much rope you have, you can begin.

Start with your rope on a flat surface. Bend the end of the rope in on itself and then start to make a spiral. This will eventually become the base for your basket. When you have reached the right diameter for your basket, hot glue in between the rope spirals. You will have a base for your basket and a long tail of rope that will then be used to create the basket's sides.

Step 3: Make the Basket's Sides

Place the cylinder (I chose a cooler) on top of your base. Stack the rope on itself to create the sides. Hot glue in between these stacked ropes. Gently pull the cylinder out of your new basket!

Step 4: Making the Lid

For the lid, repeat the first steps using a slightly larger base/ cylinder. This will create a smaller basket that will fit on top of your basket. For the handle on the lid, create a bite in the rope (a loop), and feed it through the base's beginning hole. On the inside of the lid, spread out the loops excess rope. Hot glue the excess rope in place to provide more structure for the handle.

Step 5: Finish

After you have created the sides and the lid for your basket, you are all set! Reinforce any breaks in the basket with more hot glue.

This basket is useful for any kind of storage!


*Design approved by snake charmers around the world

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    Amber Kitten
    Amber Kitten

    2 years ago

    I made this out of fishing rope that had washed up on the beach, it works really well !!!