Rope Pot for Coins

Introduction: Rope Pot for Coins

Turn your old capoeira belt into a little pot to save up your pennies in!

This pot uses a capoeira cordao, which is a thin rope braided from wool, but you could use any soft rope that you can put a needle and thread through.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

A soft rope / old capoeira belt

Needle and thread

(coins as an optional filler!)

Step 2:

Start to coil the rope tightly around itself, with the tassle end pointing down from the centre of the spiral.

Stitch through the first coil with the needle and thread a couple of times, making sure that the first stitch is securely fastened.

Step 3:

Continue coiling the rope , stitching the two inside sides of the rope together, to make a flat spiral. Stretch the rope lengthwards as you stitch, to make sure the finished product is stiff and sturdy.

This spiral makes the bottom of the pot - when it reaches the width that you want your finished pot to be, then move on to step 4 (mine is about the size of the palm of my hand).

Step 4:

Turn the spiral over so the tassel end is on top. At this stage you can crop off the tassel with a pair of scissors.

Instead of continuing the spiral on a flat surface, make the next layer go on top of the last, and stitch it down. If you follow the pattern of the braid as you insert the stitches then the thread should be invisible.

Continue coiling the rope vertically and stitching it to the layer below. You can control the contours of the pot by placing the rope slightly inside or outside of the layer below as you stitch it.

Step 5:

At the end of the rope, I finished it by stitching the last bit pointing downwards with the tassel free. Tie off the thread securely, trimming off any extra thread with scissors.

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