Rope Pot

Introduction: Rope Pot


This is my first instructable. As I love gardening and recycling, I decided to make this simply and decorative pot that can give a little beauty at your home.

I used a yogurt pot and a creme cheese container but you can use any plastic container.

Step 1: Materials and Procedure


> Plastic container or jar

> A piece of hemp rope

> Hot glue

> A lighter

> A toothpick

> Scissors

Start making little holes on the bottom of the pot with the toothpicks. Just use the lighter to fire them, and drill holes when the aim become red. The holes will permit to the water to flow outside the pot.

Now place a bit of hot glue on the bottom, and start winding the canapa wire all around the pot.

Use the hot glue to attach the wire, and wind the wire until you reach the top of the pot. Cover also the upper border. Just pay attention to cover all the glue for a good result.

That"s it!

You just have a nice decorative pot to place on tour table with your favourite plant.


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    5 years ago

    even though your first proj made excellent..totally transformed a waste plastic can to a cute looking pot..i always appreicate people who are creative using recycling