Rope,cord,string From Recycled Water Bottles!





Introduction: Rope,cord,string From Recycled Water Bottles!

This Instructable will show you how to craft rope,cord,string ,from used Water Bottles !

Step 1: What We Will Need.

Empty water bottle scissors,blade.

Step 2:

Cut the top of the bottle.

Step 3:

The middle part of the bottle scissor spiral.

Step 4: Finished!

2l bottle middle part :have height~ 160mm diameters~100mm
if step spiral~ 5mm we have~10 metr strong cord!
Bind,tie up,knit,plait,weave,tat,wattle.....etc.!


Step 5: Video!

Good luck !!!



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    41 Discussions

    Wonderful idea. I'm going to put this to action really soon.
    A few thoughts would be--
    •Use gardening gloves on one of your hands to avoid getting cut, and being able to hold the 'cord' away from the other while you cut.
    •The other idea, from listening to everyone else comment about size, sharpness, and straightening the cord after you finish: Get someone else, or fashion up a rig to hold one end of the cord, so you have two hands available, and pull the cord above a flame. If you get the tension of the person holding the cord correct, and find the right speed for pulling it through the flame, you could straighten it, stretch it slightly thinner, and melt those sharp sides.

    For straighting it, put a weight to the end and fix it to a 2nd/3rd floor window

    @santy22: hi! i'm curious on what type of device could cut PET bottles into uniform strips & has a stopper? what is it called? thanks =)

    i love the simplicity of the idea, and of the slide show. Thank you

    A lot of the members here prefer written instructions and tend to chide people for posting only a video. Still, doing both is a good way to cover the bases. Neat idea, Bara. Doubt I would have thought of it myself.

    I will normally skip a video for a couple of reasons 1. Most people play really annoying music to make themselves look cooler 2. Reading requires no buffering 3. You can go back and take more time

     If you live in a third world country, and have slow internet with limited bandwidth, then text is MUCH more preferable. 

    Between my mother, sister and I, we share 1GB a month at 386Kb/s. Loading and watching just a few short YouTube videos wipes out our internet connection pretty fast!

    My university has a slightly better connection, but they restrict YouTube a lot because of the videos, with certain caps and quotas.

    Anyway, to the Instructable - it's a really cool idea, but the words don't always seem to follow clearly (especially between step 2 and 3). 
    How versatile and strong is the resultant product? What happens if you put too much tension on it?

    I know many people here in USA with slow bandwidth. When broadband was first being offered they advertised some huge number of people were signing up. Those were buisenesses , because the actual number was about 10-12 % , but they hyped like soon everyone in America would have it but you. The numbers still are not as big as one would think. Many people in this country can't afford mortgage payments and rent money is getting hard to come by, thanks in big part to Mr Bush's War. So one of th efirst things that goes is cable. That being said many people I know have gone back to much slower speeds. If they need to see stuff that requires big bandwidth, they go to a pubic library. On groups I am on we used to fight people quoting other people's messages with 4 pages of commentary all of which is uneeded, and then add their terse 2 word commentary, "I agree". But, video's are nice too, and sometimes seeing it done is better then print, but still image instructables, done well are really good maybe better sometimes.

    hmm i might just make an instructable on how to make a homemade version of that ribbon cutter thingy...

    2 replies

    did you ever make the instructable on this, it would be neat. One does need to be careful with this as it is very very very sharp. I can't imagine using it for jewelry UNLESS you flame the edge making it safe. think paper cut on steroids. nifty instructable though. sparkie

    i made the rope cutter thing but the problem is that the string itself isnt fine at all I didn't want to put up an instructable on this only to have a bunch of people mad at how the string sucks :P

    In Brazil, clever artisans have designed cutting tools to quickly spiral the bottle around, while it cuts the exact width "cord" from stat to finish. Does anyone have these plans to buid one?

    With this way posted above, one cannot truly get the same width exactly all the way through.

    1) Hammer a finishing nail into a piece of wood. 2) Stab a utility knife blade into the wood beside the nail, the desired strip-width away from the nail and tape both together. 3) Use scissors to start cutting a strip. 4) Thread strip through gap between nail and blade. 5) Pull on strip until done. C'est facile, n'est pas?

    I wonder if I could cut it thin and even enough to use for jewelry string?