Rose Box

Introduction: Rose Box

In this Instructable i will be showing you how i made this 3 drawer jewellery box using an Xcarve and a bandsaw and lots of other tools in my workshop. I hope this will give you ideas on how to made your own design and help you with putting it all together. The design and software i use is only one of many out on the web, take time to look around and see what you can use.

Thank you for your interest if i can help out in any way leave me a comment.


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Step 1: Where the Idea Came From

In the first video i talk about how i can to make this box. I have decided not to do a written tutorial as i would never get all the information in before you got bored instead each part will talk about whats in each part of the videos. The whole tutorial is long so feel free to forward through my chatter.

What you need for this step.

1) PC or Mac

2) Internet connection

3) CNC milling machine

4) v carve desktop, pro or aspire or software of your choice.

Part 1

Intro to project.

The software i used.

How i designed the project.

Step 2: Milling the Rose

In this part i will show you the process of cutting the rose drawer fronts.

What you need

CNC machine i have an Xcarve.

0.25 milling bit for roughing.

Wood of your chosing.

0.125 round over bit for finishing.

Hot glue gun for sticking wood to table.

Step 3: Making the Boxes

In this part i will be making the boxes. Ive broken down the steps for you to see and help you when making a box of your own design or the same as what i have made.

What you need.

Wood for making boxes.


1/8 and 1/4 inch bandsaw blade.

Step 4: Onward and Upward

In this step i will Talk more about the design of the stem. Also talk about the template i made for inserting the magnets. Cutting the outer and inner box. Take your time and enjoy.

What you need.

Carving set.

Dremel tool.

3mm magnets.

3mm drill.

epoxy glue.


1/8 inch bandsaw blade.

1/4 inch bandsaw blade

bench sander or hand sanding

Step 5: Final Step

The final sanding and glue together take your time doing the sanding this is a really important part of the finishing the better the finish the better it looks.

What you need


Sand paper up to 600.

sand sealer

varnish or whatever finish you like.

I hope you enjoyed my project

Thank you for watching now its your turn.

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