Rose Petal, Copal & Sage Smudge Blend: Quick & Easy Homemade Incense or Potpourri

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Here is a quick and easy smudge blend recipe. It takes about 15 minutes or less to make and will fill your home with super yummy scents.

Materials & Tools:

Mortar & Pestle

Rose hearts & petals
White Sage

Rosewater: just a dash will do
Cinnamon Leaf oil: 3-5 drops

Step 1: Gather Ingredients & Grind!

Gather Rose petals & hearts, White Sage & Copal.

Feel free to improvise to your personal taste as far as amounts go... some people love more copal & rose petals.

Or if you are a fan of smudging extra white Sage never hurts.

Also always remember that the quality of your raw ingredients is crucial. The better the raw ingredients, the better the blend will be!

Use the mortar & pestle to grind petals, rosehearts, sage & copal into desired consistency.

Prepare for olfactory bliss while hand grinding.

Feel free to add rosewater & cinnamon leaf oil at this point while blending... a little goes a long way!

Step 2: ENJOY: Place in Abalone Shell or Smudger or Potpourri Container

Take leftover raw ingredients.
Create a small bed & liberally apply the smudge blend on top.

Light & sit back while your home is filled with scents of sage, rose & copal!


(& thank you for checking out this Instructable.)



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