Rose Petal Ice Cream and Ratafias - Organic and Gluten-free Animated Recipes

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Home-made organic gluten-free raw milk ice cream and ratafia biscuits inspired by the Victorian recipes from Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management 1861. Freshly picked rose petals from our organic garden - an ancient rose collection we have been building up over the years, many from cuttings.
Music from Ail Fionn, their original composition "Breakfast in Kildare" available from the Public Domain Internet Archive at:

Ice Cream Recipe: All Organic Ingredients
2 litre raw milk infused with 1 split Bourbon vanilla pod
1 dozen eggs
12oz/350g cane sugar
600ml crème fraïche
4 heads of richly perfumed roses - remove the small white section from the base of each petal.

Bring milk to below boiling and leave to infuse with vanilla pod over night. (If you do not want to eat the petals just infuse them with the vanilla and then remove.) Heat the milk again to below boiling and mix in petals, remove vanilla pod. Make custard by whisking the eggs and sugar together and then adding the warmed milk and petals, whisk again and return to the pan. Cook on a low heat 15-25 mins, stirring constantly. The custard is ready when it coats the back of the spoon. Leave to cool. Add cream and whisk again. Freeze. When ice crystals form at edges mix firstly with a spoon and then using a dough hook. To avoid very hard ice cream, which may be difficult to scoop out, I usually cut the ice cream into serving portions after 24-48 hours. Of course if you have an ice cream machine then follow the instructions. I did make crystalised rose petals to decorate the sundae but unfortunately Andy ate them by mistake so I will make them for another video as they make beautiful cake decorations particularly rosa Mundi - the pink and white striped rose.

Ratafias: All Organic Ingredients
Equal amounts of ground almonds and raw cane sugar 12oz/350g
Whisked whites of four eggs
Mix together. Form into biscuits and place on parchment paper in a hot oven 10-12 mins



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