Rose Quilt

Introduction: Rose Quilt

I had the embrodiary squres already done with my machine and getting ready to put it together for my morther in law for Christmas, I has over 70 of them, but then she passed away, so I split them up and made my two sister in law and my husband all quilts in memory of her. The other material came from my  mother , this quilts required 32 full blocks, then 7 blocks cut into half triangles, then one block cut into quarters, then I cut the blue frabic into approximately 2 inches for the saching. Then I sewed the top together. I used the pattern Arbor Rose but it was for a King size Quilt and this one is about the size for a twin size bed. Then I bought badge frabic for the back, twin size batting. I cut the blocks with a rottery cutter, used a ruler, quilting spray and lot of safty pins. I place the back of the frabic on the floor, the the batting then the top, Used sticth in the ditchf for the quilthing, embordiary for the light blue and wreath pattern for the dark blue. then i used a ziz zaz stitch for the border.Had lots of fun making.

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