Rose Quit

Introduction: Rose Quit

This quilt was made for my husband in memory of his mom who passed away in October 16,2010. She loved Roses and working out in her yard. I started the embordiary squared and had them all made to make her this quilt for a Christmas present but since she did not make it for my husband. The blue material was just some scrap that my mother had given me that I had no idea of what I was going to use it for but I thought it was pretty. This quilt is now hanging on my quilt rack along with one my Aunt gave me who passed away the same day as his mother did one year ago in 2009. The embordiary squares are made from the pattern excotic roses, I did use a machine to do them and I am still new at doing that , the quilt block are embordiay with a wreath pattern, and the border pattern.

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Step 1: Twin Size 53 X 67 Material Used

Cut 32 Blocks (7 1/2 )
Then folded 7 of the blocks in a triangle shape and cut them in half to make 14 ends
Then 1 block folded it in a triange shape and cut in in quarters to make 4 ends
Already had 14 of the block embroidary in the off white (excotic rose) which I trimmed down to the 7 1/2 inch
Saching was cut 1 1/2 inch wide but the lenght I cut as I was putting the quilt together, secondary to the pattern i was using was for a king size, the pattern was Arbor Rose but i did not actually use the pattern I just like the way the blocks were layed out.
Twin size batting
About 4 yards of material for the back
Quilting Spray
Lots of Safty Pins and needles

Step 2: Putting Quilt Top Together

Sewed one block, two corners , with saching together, then on the top on the on block I sewed a piece of saching and then a end piece
Next step I sewed three blocks, two corners, with saching between them, cut a long piece of saching and sewed it to the top of it so i could attach it to the one above making sure I lined the saching between the blocks up as much as possble. Then I sewed five blocks, two corners, with saching between, then a long piece of saching along it then attached it to the one above. I repeated this process for the other end of the quilt. For the Middle section it was one end piece, seven blocks, one corner with saching between, then one corner, seven blocks, one end, and saching between. then I cut a strip of saching to attach these to pieces together making sure the saching between the blocks lines up. then I cut saching to sew on the outside of the middle piece to attach to the end making sure again the saching between the blocks lined up. Then I sewed the border on, the corners I tired to make a 45 degree angle as much a possilbe.

Step 3: Quilting the Quilt

I placed the backing on the floor, then I sprayed it with some quilt spray , then I place the quilt top on top of the batting also using some quilt spray and tried to get it as wrinkle free as possble. I started quilting by using stitch in the ditch, Then I embordiary the dark blue with the wreath, and then the light blue with the gold. Then for the edges I just folded it over to about 1/4 inch wide and used a zig-zag stitch.

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