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Two-toned rose swirl is one of the easiest techniques to decorate a beautiful, elegant cake. You'll need buttercream or frosting to pipe with. Two of my favorite frosting recipes are whipped white chocolate ganache, and cream cheese icing.

Step 1:

To make two-tone roses, color 1/3 of the cream with some red food coloring. Fill a pastry bag fitted with a star tip with the colored cream; make sure all the sides are covered. Open it, and add the uncolored cream into the middle. Pipe some of the cream out until two-toned cream comes out, you can use that cream to pipe the center rose on top of the cake.

Step 2:

Pipe roses in a spiral motion, starting from the center. Continue until the cake is covered with roses. Visit our website for a petal cake, basket weave cake decoration and other decorating techniques and recipes.



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