Rosette for Earings




Introduction: Rosette for Earings

For this you will need:

- 2x ear wires (if you will be making earrings) and 2x jump rings

- 12x 3mm bicone beads

- 24x 4mm polished glass beads (pgb)

- 12x 6mm polished glass beads (pgb)

- needle (with small ear so it can go tru the beads couple of times)

- thread

- scissors

(if you will make just one rosette - for pendant or something, you need half as much beads)

Let's get started. Thread the needle and pick 6 smallest beads (3mm bicone - black in my pictures). Make them into a circle. I find it easiest if I go tru all the beads twice and tru the first bead three times (both ends of your thread should be exiting the same bead, but on diffrent ends).

Now you will be making loops tru each black bead. Pick up one 4mm pgb (blue), one 6mm pgb (violet) and again one 4mm pgb and go tru the same black bead and the next one.

Now pick up one 4mm pgb (blue) and one 6mm pgb (violet) and go tru the 4mm pgb that is part of the previous loop. And tru the black bead and the next black bead.

Repeat the same loops (adding just one 4mm pgb (blue) and one 6mm pgb (violet)) till the last black bead where you should go tru the blue bead (from the first loop), add one 6mm pgb (violet) and tru the blue bead from previous loop.

Now just weave your thread tru the beads so it will exit out of the 6mm pgb (violet) (it doesn't matter wich one).

You will now make the outer circle of the rosette. Pick one 4mm pgb (blue) and go tru the next 6mm pgb (violet). Repeat that until you make the whole circle.

To make it more secure and tight just go around the outer circle of beads few times. When you are satisfied just tie a knot and trim the excess thread.

Now just attache the rosette to the ear wire with a jump ring. You can also use a pretty string instead of a jump ring and make a bow...

Hope the instructions were clear and you will enjoy making this :)

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