Rosetti Garland Decor/Table Top Kit

Introduction: Rosetti Garland Decor/Table Top Kit

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Beautiful Home made Rosetti Garland/Table top decor Kit.

Affixes easily to the wall with tape, pins, fully assembled and ready to use. The rosettis are 8/8 inch.

This is a perfect home made gift for gift giving.

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Step 1: How -To


12/12inch Cardstocks( yellow and dark brown)

scoring board

glue,scissors,EK flower punch, craft board, circle punch

This garland is easy to make and can be used to decorate your
dessert table, wedding reception,birthday, shower party home decor,summer party,and just about anything. To make your own garland, all you have to do is:

1. Score cardstock paper in to 2inch and cut and score them in half inch and fold them to back anad front direction see the picture for an idea.

2. Join the edges and stick with glue so that you will get the folded circle like above picture

3. Make circles using circle punch based on the size of the folded circle and stick with the glue to both sides make sure hold the rosetts in proper ways until to stick the circles completely.

4. Then punch the flowers according to the rosetts and stick with foam adhesive to give 3D look.

5.Cut twine to the size that you would like your garland to be and join all the rosetts by using needle at the back side.

Step 2: Packing

For Packing , place rosetti garland kit in a zip lock bag because the kit is ready to use modals so and wrap with tissue paper and ribbon finally decorate with beautiful rosett as symbolic icon.

Tada! You made an easy and festive garland to hang at a party, reception, room, or office!

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