Rosie, an IoT Movie

Introduction: Rosie, an IoT Movie

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I decided to make a "mini movie" about the future of technology. Of course, I had to write a script, design/print 3d props then take video and still clips. Finally, the "movie" had to be edited.

Step 1:

Here's the script.

Home of the Future

View of dining table with dishes.


“Dinner is done. Time to clear the table and wash the dishes. Rosie, Rosie, ROSIE, GET OVER HERE.”


“I thought you were talking to the telephone . . . or the coffee pot.”

Robot Rosie(with maid skirt) comes roughly over to table.


“He never talks that way to the vacuum cleaner.”

Shot of vacuum.


“Or the thermostat.”

Shot of thermostat.


“Or phone.”

Shot of phone


“It's always, Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. I think it's cause I wear a skirt.”

Dishes are dumped from table with noise.


“Rosie, do I have to tell you everything? Take the dishes to the washer, GET A MOVE ON.”

Robot runs to dishwasher.


“The Prius was right. If you have wheels, they're going to load you up and complain about being slow.”


“Rosie, I don't hear you loading dishes. Be gentle with my fine china.”


“Yes sir, I be gentle.”

Rosie dumps dishes.

Rosie rams the dishwasher door to start the washer.


“Internet of Things—Everything Will Talk to Everything Else— Machines Will Do Our Bidding.”


“I been talking to the hot tub. We gonna have boiled turkey tonight.”

Step 2:

I had to create and print plates, saucers (plates at 60% size) and glasses. I also had to make an arm for Rosie. Rosie's skirt was cut from paper. The robot action was controlled manually using clip jumpers and a battery.

The whole process took less than 24 hours from concept to posting.

Just like a real movie, the actors (me) varied from the script and the director (me) made changes for artistic reasons.

For the curious readers, Josephine Cochran was the inventor of the first commercially successful dishwasher--long ago.

I hope everyone enjoys the future!

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