Pier 9 Guide: Rotary Attachment for Epilog Laser Cutter

Introduction: Pier 9 Guide: Rotary Attachment for Epilog Laser Cutter

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This Instructable is for Workshop Users at Pier 9.

Requirements for using this attachment at Pier 9:

  • Take General Workshop Safety Class
  • Take Epilog Laser Cutting Class
  • Get shop staff to check your instillation of the Rotary attachment

This Instructable will walk you through basic setup and use of the Rotary attachment for the epilog laser cutter.

The Rotary Attachment allows you to etch artwork on curved surfaces like water bottles and glasses.

It is made up of four wheels that can rotate your object, while the laser cutter etches onto it.


The Rotary Attachments can be found in the bottom drawer near the Earth Epilog Laser cutter and scrap bin.

Please read through this Instructable and notify Shop Staff before using the attachment for the first time.

For more information refer to the Rotary Attachment's manual here :


Step 1: Step 1: Turn the Laser on and Lower the Bed

To lower the bed :

Press X/Y off

Press Go

Then use the down arrow to lower the bed.

Step 2: Step 2: Remove the Honeycomb

1. Remove the Honeycomb

Lift the three rulers up to free the honey comb sheet. Carefully remove the sheet and set aside.

2. Remove the Support Slots

Next remove the four slots that support the honey comb. Set them behind the laser cutter to reinstall after your job.

3. Vacuum any debris that may be left on the tray


Turn the Machine off!

Attaching the Rotary attachment to the laser cutter will damage the electrical components of the machine.

Turn the machine off before proceeding.

Step 4: Step 4: Place and Connect the Rotary Attachment

1. Install the Rotary Attachment

Three pegs on the bottom of the Rotary Attachment, connect to 3 holes on the bottom of the tray. There is only one correct position for this.

2. Make sure the Laser cutter is turned off

3. Plug the white connector into the black input on the back edge of the tray.

Note : Due to soot build up from smoke inside the machine, the connector might be a bit clogged if you are having difficulty, ask shop staff for assistance.

Step 5: Step 5: Power the Machine on Place in Your Material

Turn the machine back on

If installed correctly, the machine will recognize that the Rotary Attachment is connected and will position itself accordingly at the center of rotation.

Step 6: Step 6: Install, Level and Focus on Your Material

1. Install your material

Place your object inbetween the two sets of orange wheels.

Lower the black pressure wheel to hold your object in place.

2. Level your material

Use the black knob to adjust the slope of your material, you want the flattest surface to be parallel to the laser bed.

3. Focus your material

Follow the steps on the laser cutter to focus onto the desired etching surface.

If your etching surface is uneven, focus into the half-way point.

Step 7: Step 7: Set Home

Set Home

Press Pointer to turn the red pointer on, use it to align the edge of your material.

Press X/Y Off

Press Go to dissable the X/Y Motors

Manually move the laser to your desired start point on your object. This should be at the highest point of your object.

Press Set Home

Press Reset

Step 8: Step 8: Orientation and Size


Just like in 2d, your file should be appropriately sized for your target material. It only gets tricky if you are trying to etch a continuous pattern all the way around your material. Better to redesign such that your image isn't so tolerant critical.

Orientation :

See the orientation of the Pier 9 workshop artwork on the imaged attached? This is setup in the wrong direction

When you use the rotary attachment :

X-axis is left/right

Y-axis goes around your material

So the P9 Workshop label would need to be flipped 90 degrees.

Step 9: Step 9: Laser Cutting

Time to Laser Cut

Once you have set up your object correctly and have sent your settings, you can press go!

Note :

The first image here is the incorrect axis. The second is correct. To fix this issue, flip your artwork 90 degrees.

Step 10: Clean Up and Uninstall

Clean Up

Once you are finished with the Rotary Attachment you must uninstall it and prepare the machine for future users.

1. Turn off the machine

2. Unplug the white connector plug

3. Remove the Rotary Attachment and place back in the correct drawer

4. Reinstall the support slots

5. Place the honeycomb back into the laser cutter.

Note : The honeycomb does have a correct up and down. The honeycomb side with aluminum strip exposed on the sides goes down.

6. Flip the rulers back down to hold the honeycomb in place

Thanks for following the proper steps to use the Epilog Rotary Attachment

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