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I had cheap oscillating tool.

I bought it years ago, after couple weeks of use it broke. It cost 10 dollars, so i didn't bother to return it.

It waited long time in my closet, until one day i decided to fix it.

Motor was burnt so badly that i rather started to think another way to use it.

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Step 1: Lets Start.

I removed the casing, and cut the motor out with angle grinder. I left it about 12mm long.

I "machined" the axle with angle grinder and flap disks to 8mm diameter.

It was easier than i tought, because axle was surfaced with thick layer of varnish, and after removing it, i had to remove only half millimeter from the diameter to get it to desired size.

Then i did M8 thread to it.

Step 2: Collet..

Whole idea was so simple.

I inserted dremel collet to the axle. (that silvery one wich connects flex shaft to rotary tool)

Because dremel uses weird threads in their tools. I had no suitable tools to make similar threads.

I used M8 its nearly same sized.

I did M8 threads for the collet too. It mixed the thread, but it seem to fit firmly. Secured it with stong epoxy.

that should last.

And to the idea..

I use same silver collet in my dremel too, regular nail works as an axle between them.

I didn't secure nail any way in case that i need to change it.

Step 3: Casing..

Casing could have been done with 3d printer too.

But i wanted to go with hack style all the way.

Dremel cutting guide attachment worked nicely in that purpose.

It fitted little tightly, but i tought thats just a good thing.

I applied glue between the casing and oscillating head.

Finally secured it with small screws using the holes in the oscillating head.

I have used it a lot, without problems.

Step 4: Ready..

Ready to go.

I have used it a lot, and without problems.

If some brand starts to make these, i would buy one.

Of course it needed to be painted black, so it fits with my other attachments. .)

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    Its sturdy. It could be wobbly if used example for cutting high speed and held with one hand from the back end. But with sanding it in one hand its sturdy. When cutting, its more natural to use both hands anyway. Little development for the casing, and it would be very good product. ( i think )


    2 years ago

    Nice to meet you here! great tool mate!