Rotating Black Light Shade

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About: I enjoy a variety of things. I'm an active volunteer since November of 2010 at Bunnyluv Rabbit Resource Center in Van Nuys, CA where I help care for the shelter and boarding bunnies. I love working with them...

I have found there is a serious lack of available methods to "pulse" a fluorescent black light tube. So with the help of my father, I created this "Rotating Black Light Shade."

Materials used: A cardboard tube with holes drilled into it. A motor off a printer with the toothed gear on the drive shaft. A larger gear to slow down the speed, and a rubber band. I also used a 24 inch fluorescent black light fixture and a plywood base.

I've enclosed a short movie showing how loud and what it's supposed to do. (I forgot to take a video of it in the dark.)

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